2022 - Wing - Emoni Bates


Near the end of that You Tube video I posted from Prep Hoops MI, he bounces the ball off of the defenders HEAD picks it back up and drains a three. Bizarre play.

Sent the crowd into a frenzy. He is a very cock sure young man at this point.

People calling him Durant Jr. already as the hype train has left the station. Can only imagine how it continues to explode going forward.


Lol, I really want to know if he’s thrown the ball off other kids’ faces and then missed the shot…#DadFights

Also, I don’t need to see any highlights of him blocking a fellow middle schooler’s shot. I feel I (as a middle aged overweight man) could probably do that to those kids as well.

Hope they hype train slows down for him, for his own sake…nobody needs that kind of pressure to perform, especially at that age



I love you but everyone of these posts about a 7th grader are cringeworthy.


I agree. It’s tough even talking about a kid that young. Feel bad for the kid.


Couldn’t agree more. I’ve really tried to show how sensationalized this hype train is going to become.

My initial thought was I didn’t think Chris Weber could ever be rivaled when it came to publicity and hype. I will be proven wrong however with this one.

It’s ludicrous and completely unfair to the youngster going forward. It’s just going to be out of control with the social media outlets all clamoring for a piece of him.

My gosh the kid is 12!!


I’m sorry. I misinterpreted what you were saying.


Is there some backstory to that play?




Emoni will be playing his high school ball at Ypsilanti Lincoln starting this upcoming season.


Hype train getting bigger.


Nation’s No. 1 freshman Emoni Bates of Ypsilanti Lincoln dominates in high school debut


He could potentially go straight to the NBA, right? 2022 is about what they’re thinking right now in regards to the rule change


Niyo: Can ‘relentless’ freshman Emoni Bates jump straight to NBA?


Izzo in attendance.