2022 - Wing - Emoni Bates (Offer)

Apparently there is a need to start ranking players in the 7th grade now. Good grief.

Michigan’s Bates is hoops prodigy, nation’s No. 1 7th-grader

Not only is he ranked, he’s been on campus for visits a few times already

“He said Michigan State and Kentucky are his top college basketball teams. One day – possibly soon – he could be getting offers from the Spartans and Wildcats.”

He gone.

He’s in 7th grade. He doesn’t have a favorite team, he has two. Which means he’s probably not a diehard fan. Now, if Kentucky offers, not gonna get him. But he’s 13 years old, nothing a few good seasons can’t help address.

Yeah but he lives down the street and has been on campus already…and still doesn’t mention us?
How often does JB woo a Top 50 recruit away from someone else? Especially if we’re already “behind”

Maybe it’s inconsistent with what others know, but does this honestly surprise you?

He’s in what, the class of 2022? I believe JB’s contract expires then so he may not even be here. Long way to go and we don’t even know if the kid will be a top 100 prospect by then. Right now he’s bigger than 99% of the kids he’s playing against and more skilled. When he gets to high school and starts “playing up” in AAU age groups, then we’ll know more about what kind of player he is.

Wasn’t Seventh Woods dubbed the next Lebron or something like that when he was in junior high? He still ended up a highly ranked prospect, but he’s averaging 2ppg at UNC. You never know how kids that young will develop. I’m not going to get worked up or worried about how we’re recruiting him right now.


In my opinion it is completely inappropriate that anybody is publishing projections, ranking, and hyping a middle schooler. This has been happening to Emoni for a couple of years.

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Totally agree. Believe it or not, sites exist that rank grade school aged kids.

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Right, Jarrett Smith was the top rated freshman in Michigan, and Leon Jones was an elite eighth grader. Lots of time to go.

Beilein would adhere to the proper rules of offer dates etc… For instance Michigan should be all over RJ Barrett class of 2019 but most likely will reclassify. In other words that ship has already sailed. Just as in this case teams will start to offer him early on and Michigan will be at the back of the class.

It’s easy to see why the kid would like Kentucky and the Cavs. Lots of kids are frontrunners. I’m guessing that perhaps his parents are MSU fans. Who a kid’s parents like can really influence who a kid likes from an early age.

Man this kid is going to be hyped more than Chris Weber was at this rate.

Meet the Ypsilanti basketball phenom that has America on notice

More hyped than Chris Webber? About the only higher schooler I remember being in that category was LeBron. It will be interesting to see how this kid develops and who gets involved in his recruitment.

Not sure two local articles qualifies as the hype machine being in full effect quite yet. This is the era of viral news and Ball children scoring 92 points…

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There is so much physical and mental development that its ridiculous to even look at these kids as prospects. He might stop growing, turn out to be an average athlete or simply have a low motor by the time HS rolls around.

…and Zion Williamson dunking over 12 year olds. I mean, seriously, some of those kids are tiny! But they make for fun videos!

This kid is in 7th grade and the hype is ludicrous already.


Two years away from HS still. Hype is snowballing rapidly.

Kid has game. Is he on varsity yet? I remember Tyler relph, who is now an elite trainer played varsity in 8th grade in the toughest league in the city. He was pretty damn good too. Just sat there and chucked threes but he was that good of a shooter that he was still damn good.

He to this day had the best handle/ shot I’ve ever seen up close or played against. He was doing and making up drills that he probably trains guys now with that made me realize I sucked at basketball all the way back then. It was pretty incredible to see that up close back then .

Wish he stayed with coach b and didn’t party so much/ get two bad injuries. He would have been the perfect Belein pg, particularly in his west va days. Wanted to much too fast