2022 Recruiting

Haven’t seen anything on this yet but here we go…

Looks like one of the top 2022 bigs in the country is transferring to Ypsilanti Lincoln next year. Shawn Phillips. One of my Ohio buddies who’s a scout said he’s the 2nd best prospect in that class behind Chris Livingston, who’s a top 5 2022 in the country.

I’ve also heard that this is where Jett Howard could end up transferring to if he ever moves up to Michigan.


I missed out on watching Emoni Bates last season. This is all the more reason why I need to make the 10 minute drive and see Lincoln play this year.

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Get there early. Most games were sold out last year. This coming year should be even crazier.


Good advice. Wonder if catching them on the road would be any easier. Then again, the locals might pack the stands for their chance to see Lincoln come to town.

This is a joke but It sort of reiterates that Emoni’s games will be wild next year.

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