2021 Recruiting


Consider it done. He’s a fantastic student and mature beyond his years. I have a biased opinion, but feel UM is a good fit all around for Trey as well as vice versa.


Better yet have his high school coach ideally do it so the staff can fully communicate with his coach. That’d be one of the better ways. Or an AAU coach.


Michigan getting mentioned with a top 25 2021 wing.


Just curious, why wouldn’t Michigan have expressed interest to this point? #1 kid in his class in NJ, national top 20. It’s not like they haven’t gone after east coast kids before (Nunez, Brooks, Tyus Battle). Just wondering why he wouldn’t be on their radar. Skill set not a match?


Each kid is different. Can ask the question why they wouldn’t have pursued say a Precious Achiuwa in 2019 as well or many other kids. Michigan can’t target every single kid even in areas they recruit. If they don’t, then if the player and/or his camp would like to see them getting recruited by a college then they need to be proactive themselves to get the ball rolling. Sometimes it’ll work, other times no. Mo Bamba was very interested in Michigan but they never recruited him. Bamba’s camp reached out two separate times to the staff to try to get recruited. The first time was unsuccessful. 2nd time it was.


BP3 do U any have a feel for Pierre Brooks and his recruitment ? I know he has camped at U-M and visited for at least one football game this fall.


Uh not really. I know the kid and his dad who is the high school head coach but they his recruitment hasn’t really picked up yet. It’s a bit early for 2021s to get serious into recruitment. He did mention one time he’s pretty interested in potentially ending up going to a college out of state, but he could’ve just told me that to get me to tell other coaches about him. Time will tell. He was hurt most of the fall with a foot or leg Injury though. I’ll be at several of their games this year so I should have a little better idea of what he and the family are thinking.


Thanks, are there any other in-state underclassmen that may be life-long fans of U-M or Coach Beilein ?


Apparently Michigan is in on a 5 star 2021 at Huntington Prep.



Hardy is a Detroit native. Michigan has shown interest in the past. I’m sure their name will pop up around Hardy in the future as well.


Amauri’s brother???


Yep. Says it in the article.


Hmmm. Interested to see if he maintains that ranking. IIRC, Amauri also was very very highly ranked as an 8th grader/freshman because his dad put a lot of work into promoting him. I’d definitely guess he’s someone Michigan would have a good shoot at.


If anything it sounds like he’s going to continue rising I think. Some think he’s the top guard in the 2021 class. I know Amauri and when he was a senior at North Farmington he was constantly telling me Jaden was going to be a star.



MattD posted about Julian Roper on MGo a few days ago. Had some video of him on Twitter.

I like the kid’s game, especially for a sophomore. Seems long and athletic. As well as a well rounded game. Keep an eye on him this summer.


Me and EGB were there tonight as well. He’s much improved I must say. Definitely should be a Big Ten priority going forward. I think he may well be the top 2021 in the state now. And I’ve heard Roper is a Michigan supporter so we will see how things play out down the road. Between him, Jaden Akins and Max Christie, Michigan has a few solid guard targets already in mind for 2021.


Hardy is from Michigan. His brother Amauri, a 2017 Mr. Basketball finalist, signed to UNLV and his family moved out there with him. Awhile ago Jaden had an edit with Michigan as one of the teams recruiting him. Not sure it’ll pan out but he’s one to watch for this class. These highlights are from yesterday’s game out in South Dakota.

These are highlights from last week at the Tarkanian Classic.


I saw Michigan target Max Christie from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, play live yesterday in a holiday tournament. There’s a lot of Jordan Poole in his game. Christie, who is about 6’4”-6’5” and rail thin (probably 160-165 or so) plays on a bad team (they lost by double digits to TF South—Christie had 27) where he is simultaneously forced to play center on defense (he’s the biggest kid on his team by a couple of inches) and point guard on offense (he’s the only guy with any ability to create shots). This leaves him susceptible to double and even triple teams and traps, and he committed several turnovers (at least 5), which mirrors, per posted stats, what he had previously done in the tournament. That said, the kid obviously has big time talent. He has a lot of range on his jumper (5-10 from 3), an extremely quick release, a great first step and good quickness overall combined with good hops, good finishing skills in traffic despite his lack of strength, and pretty good handling and passing skills. He is also money at the line. He needs to work on his court vision a bit (he’s not selfish, and he’s a willing passer in the half court offense, but when he’s driving, he’s creating for himself not others) and get a lot stronger. When you watch him, you have to remember that he’s only 15 and has to do it all on his team–it will be fascinating to watch him after this year in an AAU setting (he plays for the Illinois Wolves, the organization where Luke Yaklich was a former coach). I think top 25, as he’s currently rated, is a bit high, but he’s absolutely a top 50 talent.

I also saw Michigan target (or at least former target, as I don’t know how the Zeb Jackson commitment impacts his recruitment) D.J. Steward play live as well. Steward is a junior, so I’ll put that in the 2020 recruiting topic.