2021 - PG - Khristian Lander (Offer)

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Zeb is a combo but more of a two and jett is a 2 guard not a pg. I would take a talented pure PG on this roster any day.

Isn’t Lander a straight PG who can score?

I haven’t seen enough of him to know, but I’d think they’re going after Lander at PG vs Roper/Akins/Bufkin at CG/SG right?

I’d think they need 2 backcourt G’s given that Brooks and Christopher (IF) would be off the roster in ‘21.

I think Lander is more a PG, but if in theory he chose Michigan, I wouldn’t be shocked if Michigan played him and Zeb together in the backcourt and Lander played some at SG. Both are 6’2-6’3ish, athletic and solid shooters.


In the 2021 class, we could see reclassification movement soon which is the route that Khristian Lander might take. The top-20 junior sits as one of the best at his spot on the floor but there is a strong chance that he makes the leap a year up. Indiana and Louisville have been the most talked about landing spots for him, but don’t underestimated Michigan or Memphis’ chances, either.

Didn’t realize Lander was still seriously considering reclassifying and Corey says “a strong chance.” I assume if he does then Michigan won’t get him.

Well, Michigan does need a point guard next year… Although I have heard a lot more buzz about IU and Louisville lately as well. (Meaning there’s no proven starter at PG… Obviously there are some candidates)

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If Michigan does miss out on Christopher I wonder if Michigan would switch their attention towards Lander.


Would make a lot of sense. I imagine they’d look at several reclass possibilities.

I hope he stays in the '21 class.

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Best case scenario is Lander decides to stay in 2021, Michigan lands Christopher for 2020 and then lands Lander for 2021 but there’s a decent chance he reclasses up and lands at Louisville or Indiana.


According to Brian snow um is in the top 3 but way behind Louisville and IU. Um just got too late of a start imo, those staffs have been recruiting lander since he was in 8th grade.

That may be true but I can’t remember many instances ever where Brian Snow has given Michigan a ton of praise and has labeled Michigan a leader in major recruitments that he has ties to. Just doesn’t seem to give Michigan a lot of props too often.


Yeah I remember when Juwan was hired, Snow tried to downplay the impact he would have on the recruiting trail and basically said that it wouldn’t be significant because these kids weren’t even born when the Fab 5 was around.


He’s an Ohio man through and through, so definitely has his biases.


Oh I agree, just pointing out it’s what snow says and he is pretty tied into that recruitment. My best memory of snow is when he tried to argue Ed Cooley was a high level x and o coach during the coaching search.


Snow didn’t just say kids weren’t born when the Fab 5 were around, he said most kids didn’t even know who Juwan Howard is. They weren’t born yet, but all these stories that continue to come out about Juwan being around the high school and AAU scene, plus hosting camps, plus just seemingly knowing everyone shows Snow was way off base with that comment.


Snow is awful.

Lander dosent even like IU. They are way behind.


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Snow is and always will be a biased idiot.

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