2021 - G - Jaden Hardy (Offer)

Suppose this is relevant in both 2021 and 2020 but I’ll post it here. Sam Webb said on the Recruiting Roundup on WTKA this morning that Michigan would be seeing five star SG Jaden Hardy today, but also that Hardy is considering reclassifying to 2020. He’s in Nevada now but apparently is originally from Michigan.


Would make sense to pursue Hardy. He and his family are from Detroit. His brother Amauri starts at UNLV and went to North Farmington high school. Regularly battled Cassius Winston and UD Jesuit. Family moved out to Las Vegas with him. Jaden was also initially a 2020 before moving down a class before he started high school. Age wise it makes sense to reclass to 2020.


There it is. This took way longer than I anticipated. I predicted Michigan would’ve recruited him awhile ago. Maybe they have been but the last day or two is the first I’ve heard of Michigan’s interest.


Some recent highlights of Hardy vs. Mater Dei, who have Devin Askew and Willhelm Brandhelm or however his name is spelled.

For 2021 the dream class starts with Hardy and Lander imo.

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Feel like Kentucky and several others are more likely to land him but Michigan should at stay in the discussion for him until whenever he decides.

Sounds like it will be tough to get Hardy from Kentucky but he’d be a dream pickup.


I know people said Kentucky will be tough to beat here but does anyone know if we have any connections to Hardy? I assume he grew up here while his brother played at North Farmington, would hope we have some people close to the program who are connected to the family but maybe not.

Mentions Michigan as a place he definitely wants to visit. Also says they are one of the programs on him the hardest but Michigan is not one of the programs pursuing his older brother Amauri the hardest.


I’d take that further and say, from that interview, Michigan is the only place he definitely plans to visit. You kind of get the impression that we lead at this point, though a commitment isn’t coming for a long time.

I dont get that feeling at all, in fact the feeling I get is he and his brother(who um is not recruiting) are sort of a package deal. FWIW uk is recruiting his brother and has not been mentioned by any other grad transfers.

The package deal thing doesn’t make a ton of sense if they wouldn’t even play together. I could buy that Amauri having a good experience somewhere could impact Jaden’s recruitment, though.

All that being said, I wouldn’t say Michigan is a leader or take that from that article.

Also… Hardy is a stud. One of my favorite 2021 recruits in the country.

Makes more sense with Alan Griffin and AJ Griffin, for example.

I’m just going by the old recruiting heuristic that if he has one visit he plans to take, and others that he will “probably” take, then the one school is in the lead. I think it’s because of the mom thing, and not necessarily the total package, but I hope the mom thing will be a factor in the recruitment.

Yeah not a traditional package deal but it certainly seems to me that it will play big role because Jaden will then be around the program all year. The fact that uk, the presumed leader, is pursuing Amauri and really no other grad transfers right now tells me they definitely think the school Amauri is at will have pretty big leg up.

I’m surprised UK is recruiting Amauri, as he does not seem like a UK caliber talent and they have a really good and deep class coming in. Plus, does Hagans even leave at this point? UK is not the type of program that has to recruit a lesser talented older brother to land the younger stud brother.