2021 - G - Jaden Akins (Target)

Top 5 2021 in Michigan Jaden Akins is at MSU tonight. Michigan has been showing early interest in him.

I’m really high on Jaden Akins game. Pretty sure he’s a Michigan fan as well.


I’d bet $ Xavier offers. They aren’t the type who are shy to offer. Especially if the player visits.


Love this kid’s game. There is some talent in state for 2021, but I’d take Akins over all of them.

It’s a tough line to walk for Juwan. I’d be thrilled with offering and landing Akins, but they are also high on the list for Lander so what do you do?

I’m not as bullish on in-state talent as others. I think State of Michigan high school talent tends to get over-rated by some on this board.

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There are four in state guys that are currently receiving a bunch of HM offers. Sure, they aren’t from blue bloods, but they are still nice offers. What’s your knock on Akins game? I think he is currently criminally underrated. He looks like a top 60-75 player to me.

I haven’t seen film of either really so was curious what others had to say. Our friend MattD seems to prefer Akins over Lander which is what made me ask


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