2020 - Wing - Micah Peavy (Offer)

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When things move this fast in um basketball recruiting it’s generally a good sign.


Subscriber video added to his profile.

His half-court offense reminds me a hell of a lot of the early film I saw on Jalen Wilson.

He looks a lot quicker with the ball and more athletic than Jalen Wilson IMO. More of a pure wing guard than a combo forward scorer like Wilson.

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Way more athletic. Not as natural a scorer. They would complement each other well here.

In fact, Peavy, Wilson and Bajema all fit well together and each brings something different to the table

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For a two guard, I was very impressed with his passing.

Seems to be able to jump higher, but didn’t see him use it much in half court stuff. Mostly seemed like the slithery Iggy type layups.

Shot looks a little funky. Only a 23% 3pt shooter on 26 attempts in his sophomore year according to Maxpreps. 66% FT shooter. Apparently didn’t shoot a 3 in 6 EYBL games. Still early of course and can improve.

Yeah, he’s much more in the Charles Matthews mode than a shooter. He was 4-of-15 from 3-point range over 18 games this summer (UAA/EYBL combo). He was playing U17s though, FWIW.

If Beilein wants him we gotta assume they project improvement there.

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He pinned his UM offer tweet, no other offers pinned. I assume that means we’re in his top 5.


I like our odds considering the other schools

Except they all have one thing in common that we don’t…

From the south/close to home?

He fits Texas Tech pretty well in that they are defensive minded team that likes versatile athletes, and his high school teammate Jahmius Ramsey is signed there for next season. Texas Tech from what I’ve heard is the leader in the public. Don’t have any inside info on Peavy though.

yes, correct

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I feel like landing Peavy is a stretch