2020 - Wing - Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe (Target)


Clipped up some video of Moncrieffe from this winter in his profile.


Visiting Sunday 12/30.

[Matt Moncrieffe) (https://247sports.com/Player/Matthew-Alexander-Moncrieffe-46041467/)

2020 Recruiting Notes

Interesting. Iggy’s school.


You mentioned him a while back as well as someone to look into.


Any chance he gets an offer?


Who knows but kinda doubt it would happen this weekend. Seems more evaluation is needed.

I will have a better take Sunday evening.


Assuming Cade Cunningham is a long shot moncrieffe would definitely be my choice for a wing in 2020. We could really use some more athleticism and length on the wing in 2020 and he has a ton of that. I certainly would prefer him to an Ethan Morton.


I’m all for a continued Canadian pipeline


Is this a new name? Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe

2020 Recruiting Notes

Nope, he visited back in December.