2020 - Wing - Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe (Target)

Clipped up some video of Moncrieffe from this winter in his profile.

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Visiting Sunday 12/30.

[Matt Moncrieffe) (https://247sports.com/Player/Matthew-Alexander-Moncrieffe-46041467/)


Interesting. Iggy’s school.

You mentioned him a while back as well as someone to look into.

Any chance he gets an offer?

Who knows but kinda doubt it would happen this weekend. Seems more evaluation is needed.

I will have a better take Sunday evening.

Assuming Cade Cunningham is a long shot moncrieffe would definitely be my choice for a wing in 2020. We could really use some more athleticism and length on the wing in 2020 and he has a ton of that. I certainly would prefer him to an Ethan Morton.

I’m all for a continued Canadian pipeline

Is this a new name? Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe

Nope, he visited back in December.

This could be one to watch closely with our roster needs. Theres rumblings he could reclass to 2019 and Saddi was his primary recruiter I believe.


Interesting. With the difference in education systems, a lot of the Canadian prospects have flexibility to reclassify a year earlier.

Have you seen some sort of recent discussion about Moncrieffe’s recruitment?

Just saw an article a little while back that he was thinking about reclassing and remember dot saying his mom really likes um

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Here is a Feb article where he discusses it. https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/High-majors-pursuing-four-star-prospect-Matthew-Alexander-Moncrieffe-128765759/

This one never has really taken off with Michigan. Sounds like an MSU visit is coming up, plus Georgetown and Seton Hall very involved.