2020 - Wing - Jalen Bridges (Target)

Believe he’s planning to prep and go 2020 not 2019.

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Sounds like he hasn’t decided on prep vs. being a 2019 recruit, but says Michigan is recruiting him as a 2020.

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What are the chances we would decide to take him in 2019 if our other targets fall through? What is the latest he could reclassify? Fall enrollment deadline?

If they really want him there, the deadline is when school starts.

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Says Michigan is pushing for him to come in as a 2019 recruit


Jalen Bridges and Jalen Wilson are giving me flashbacks to when I thought Jalen Brunson and Jalen Coleman was the backcourt of the future


Big senior year coming up for Jalen Coleman-Lands at DePaul!


25% from three on 6.2 attempts per game last year…yikes

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To be fair, he only played 9 games.

Does anyone else feel his game is similar to Jalen Wilson’s?

Looks more like a long 2G where Wilson is a 3 or smallish 4 even. I’d say he overlaps more with Bajema but Bajema could need a year or two before he can develop.

Apparently Michigan has told him he could come in as a 2019.

Rivals national guys saying Michigan wants him as a 2019, 247 saying as a 2020. We are trying to catch up with him.


As a 2020?

Yes, Bridges is a 2020 prospect. Pretty sure all talk about re-classing to 2019 got shutdown a while ago.

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