2020 - Wing - Jace Howard (Commit)

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Jace Howard’s 247 composite ranking is now up to #172:


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Curious how that is calculated when 247 has him ranked lower and I’m not sure he’s ranked anywhere else.

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Rivals bumped him to a three star recently, maybe that’s why?


Must be, I wouldn’t read too much into either site bumping him to a 3-star once a Michigan offer goes in the database though.


4-star? I don’t know that I’ve seen a scouting service rank him above about #200 nationally?

I still think he’d be a worthwhile addition, but just didn’t think he was THAT level of a recruit?

4 star? Since when?

From a selfish fan perspective, the ideal would be for Jace Howard to go to school where he can get a lot of playing time early and then transfer to UM when he’s an upperclassman ready for rotation minutes.

Or more selfish would be to have him take a prep school year, not that he needs it.

Really curious to see what happens with this one


The crystal balls from Webb and Newkirk seem like he’s a Michigan lock. Not sure what that means with the scholarship situation re: Christopher and Brown

recently have seen some stuff the suggests someone that takes an official may not have to be on scholarship

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Isn’t a class of Isaiah Todd, Terrance Williams, and Jace Howard a bit redundant? I know there is some positional flexibility with Todd and Williams but that’s three guys whose best college position is probably the 4.

Jace is a 3. Purely a wing.


Are you sure? I thought he wasn’t athletic enough to guard opposing 3s.

Yeah, I actually think that might be his best attribute. I don’t think he’s much of a shooter, but he is a decent athlete and can probably be a solid wing defender.