2020 - Wing - Jabri Abdur-Rahim (Offer)

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2020 Recruiting Notes

Pulled together some video from this year on his profile… He’s very impressive with his length and perimeter shooting.


This should help, rahim also recently said we are the school hardest after him and that he’ll visit this spring


Uhhh…how does a coach have any impact on a player? Based off of a quick google, that’s not his dad. Is that his uncle or something?


It’s his uncle who was coaching at his dads Alma mater. May not make a huge impact but definitely doesn’t hurt.

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Pretty sure his dad went to Cal


Doh. My bad. Got confused because I remember him as a Hawk


Unless my memory is faulty I remember his dad in the McDonald’s AA game that featured Kevin Garnett. My biggest memory of the game was how much better Garnett was than anybody else in the game, and how sad it was that he wouldn’t be playing for Michigan.

Yep. His dad was in the game as well as three future wolverines:
Albert White
Robert Traylor
Louis Bullock

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Sounds like we are after him hard, has to be at or near the top of the wing targets for the class. Who else is realistically in that upper echelon?

2020 Recruiting Notes

Hopefully it helps how early we were on him because he’s about to blow up.


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I don’t think this was explicitly confirmed here - is this Shareef’s son?


It has been confirmed.

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For whatever reason, Beilein seems to have had an undeniable appeal to kids from pro basketball families - Hardaway, Robinson, Dumars, Dawkins, even a guy like Horford and to a degree Bartlestein and Dakich, who’s parents work in other parts of the business.

Shareef is the president or ceo or whatever the title is of the G League - hopefully the trend continues. The best Vancouver Grizzly!


Beilein went to a game during his high school season
UM Assistants went to games during his high school season too
Um assistant watched him workout the first day of the spring eval period
Beilein and Haynes watched multiple games of his this weekend
Kid says um is recruiting him the hardest

I think it’s safe to say Abdur-Rahim is the coaches top target in 2020 right now.


Says some very positive stuff about Michigan