2020 - Wing - Greg Brown (Offer)


Welp, he’ll be getting a nice payday based on the other schools interested…


Dont have a subscription, so cant quote. But cant hurt


New from Corey Evans:

“Juwan Howard has been in touch with Brown and his family in recent months and have secured an official visit for Feb. 7. I don’t think Michigan has much of a chance, but at least the Wolverines will host the five-star. Never say never in recruiting.”

“While his visit to Memphis last weekend was relatively brief due to scheduling issues, I feel confident enough with I have heard to report that the Tigers have taken the lead in Brown’s recruitment.”

Fits with what his dad said:

“The three visits we’ve been on so far have been great,” Brown II said. “And it’s like, after I left each one of those places, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, he needs to come here.’ It’s no doubt. You know what I mean? I’m not gonna say we have a leader right now, because I felt that way after every visit. Now, if I don’t feel that way after a visit, then we’re probably not gonna go to that school.”

The Memphis thing is very much tied to Mike Miller, IMO. Not sure it is a guarantee that he’s still at Memphis after this year, either.

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Obviously Michigan is probably a bit of a longshot at this point, but where there is a visit, you always have a puncher’s chance. As long as he comes on the visit, Brown is going to be in Ann Arbor for what is sure to be an outstanding environment with MSU in town. All you can ask for is that shot.

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Does anyone know what the convential wisdom is with Greg Brown’s recruitment is right now? Complete Memphis lean? All the CBs are with Texas but I believe Sam Webb reported that he will 100% not be going to Texas if Shaka is fired (which is almost assuredly happening).

Memphis is the latest rumor but his recruitment aside from Texas has kind of been all over the place. Texas has been the one constant favorite, the main challenger has rotated between Memphis, UK, and auburn. Sort of a jaylen brown like recruitment.

Except Shaka’s seat is burning now

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More confirmation on Mike miller not being back at Memphis. Thamel and Forde said on their podcast all of the smoke out there is that miller will not be back at Memphis.


Man, if Miller leaves Memphis and Shaka gets fired from Texas, Michigan may have a real shot at Greg Brown.


The more I look at it, he should go to Kentucky. Brown has publically stated two major things as important criteria:

  1. Winning next year
  2. Being able to play on the perimeter. He does not want to play center.

Shaka’s getting fired so Texas is out.
Memphis is a dumpster-fire right now with Miller getting out.

For Michigan, if Brown comes here, we are going to have a million forwards, some of which are going to have to play center minutes. Maybe Greg feels like that won’t be him, but there’s a lot of risk there.

For Kentucky, elite recruiting class coming in. Lance Ware and Isaiah Jackson are clearly the “big men” of the class even if they aren’t centers. Then they bring back two centers in Richards and Montgomery.


Does Hunter Dickinson think he’s a big? Come on down Greg Brown!


Hunter Dickinson might be one of the only top 50 recruits in the country who admits he’s a big man. :rofl:


“Position-less basketball”


Brown is waiting to see what happens at each school. If Livers and Todd are both at Michigan next year, Brown won’t be. If Livers goes pro, Todd goes overseas, and we get Christopher? I’d bet Brown ends up at Michigan in that situation.