2020 - Wing - Dayten Holman (Target)



New name on the radar, Dayten Holman from Oklahoma

2020 Recruiting Notes

I hate it when we start digging deep like this. Re Holman.


I almost feel exactly the opposite.

First, JB’s track record of finding under the radar talent is almost unparalleled.

Second, I’d rather be competing with the schools on that list versus the ones who are also after our top targets.

If we end up being interested enough to offer, that says something. If not, there’s certainly nothing wrong about developing some Plan B targets.


“They just want to see me play defense well, get better with my shot and rebound the ball.”
This is a quote from Holman about Michigan, from a player who already has high major offers. It’s hard for me to see anything to be upset about.


It’s a little early to say that.