2020 - Wing - Cam'Ron Fletcher (Target)


Um would be in that group recruiting wise with the right recruiter.


Fletcher would eventually be a 1st round NBA pick if he came to U of M and was developed by JB/Yaklich. He has a lot of tools and they’d do a great job developing him.


Based on how they still land elite recruits I respectfully disagree lol


Yeah… I’d prefer not to become a cheating program.


Should we call them Green Bloods?


Alright, y’all are right UCLA is Tier 1.


I can’t “Like” this comment enough, wolverheel. Like, Like, LIKE! I was going to comment myself but decided to stay away. I’m glad you made this point. We have the most honest and ethical high DI coach in America and he still recruits at a high level, and then he develops those players, so I’m not sure who or what the “right recruiter” would be.


Cool sequence here



Wow. Dunks are cool, but the rotation on his jump shot is nice, too.