2020 - Wing - Cade Cunningham (Former Target)

Nice mention of Cunningham in this article. Also, a 2020 PG from Detroit, Wendell Green is mentioned in here. He’s the starting PG for La Lumiere and Michigan has shown some interest, but it’s seriously slim to no chance Michigan offers. He’s maybe 5’9. But he’s a hell of a player nonetheless.

Another, doesn’t have much and gives a lot of blah responses when asked about schools. It does seem like he wants to decide relatively early though. One other interesting thing, based on the comments it does not seem like uk and duke have been all in on him.

He needs to find some time to visit Michigan so he gets an offer

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FWIW a poster on 247 who a few months back claimed to have a personal relationship with Cunningham said he recently talked to Cunningham’s dad and that cade really likes um.

Cunningham put on a monster performance vs. Oak Hill and Cole Anthony today. Game was on one of the ESPN networks.

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Man, that Bossi tweet…perfect Michigan material.

Cade Cunningham and his Montverde team playing the Ranney School on Facebook right now.

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This is the second time I’ve watched Cunningham. I have a feeling that all the blue bloods will be all over him come spring. He’s that good. For the second consecutive game that’s been available to watch, he’s made a 2019 McDonald’s All American look bad. Last time it was Cole Anthony and today it’s Bryan Antoine (Villanova signee).

He’s a slightly bigger version of Brandon Roy. Just makes everything look easy.

Agree, I think he’ll be in the conversation for best player in the 2020 class.

Cunningham dunked this from the logo in the paint.


Pretty safe to say if Michigan somehow did the unthinkable and landed Cunningham he’d be the most talented freshman to come in in decades. I think he’s a top 4 player in that class.

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Big time game for Cunningham in matchup vs. RJ Hampton. No Beilein but Self, Shaka, Penny, Bennett, and Cal all there watching with a bunch of assistants as well

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Cade killed it yesterday matched up with RJ Hampton.

He’s better than rj

I think so. I think he’s top 3 or 4 in 2020. Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, Jalen Johnson and Cunningham to me are the clear top 4 in whatever order. I would say Hampton is probably my #5 pretty easy as well.