2020 - Wing - Cade Cunningham (Former Target)


I’d put Cade Cunningham up there with the RJ Hampton, Greg Brown, Walker Kessler dream targets.

Talked with Harlond Beverly earlier today, whom is teammates with Cunningham now at Montverde, and sounds like Beverly and Cunningham will be 2 of the main ball handlers this year. Both are plus sized guards. I consider Beverly a jumbo PG or CG, while Cunningham a jumbo CG/SG. So that is pretty impressive If what Beverly is saying is true.

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Damn that’s good film. He looks very mature for being a 2020 kid.

Michigan gets mentioned several times in the article. It’s pretty vague. The first time Michigan it is mentioned they make it sound like Michigan has offered but has he even visited campus before? I’m assuming they were just listing schools there that are showing interest and/or offered.

If we need a wing, Cunningham would be a awesome target. 6’6 or 6’7, physical, very athletic, good defender and great playmaker. Seems like he’s a pretty quiet individual who doesn’t demand camera time and just wants to hoop. He could probably play anywhere across the backcourt in college. Sounds like his jump shot has improved and he shot well at USA camp a few weeks ago. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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This kid is phenomenal. His film at a recent USA basketball camp is amazing.

I love Cade Cunningham’s video. He would be awesome in Maze-N-Blue.

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Cunningam’s Highlights from yesterday’s game


This edit was done for Cade yesterday so I presume Michigan is still showing interest.

Very bottom of this article Corey Evans said he’s the player he’d pick if he could only take one Montverde player. Lists Michigan, Virginia, Tulane, Texas, Duke and Kentucky as teams recruiting Cunningham that are serious players for him. Also, Harlond Beverly has been telling Cade himself he’d be a excellent fit at Michigan, so he’s got a teammate in his ear about Michigan who has visited there numerous times.


Are we still showing interest in Beverly? Would be ideal backup if another spot opens up but assuming that ship hasn’t sailed.

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Thanks Harlond!

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Don’t think so. And Beverly wants to decide by March. Michigan I think would be very interested if he was willing to wait until April because they’ve had a relationship with him for years and Beilein is obviously big on building relationships with players no matter of the situation and how little time they have to recruit players. Rivals just released an article today on Beverly and he didn’t list Michigan. Indiana was the sole Big Ten team mentioned. Beverly and his family take a very professional approach to recruiting and basketball in general. They understand the business side of recruiting. He typically doesn’t have hard feelings toward schools that either dropped him off their board or prioritized other players before him but are now recruiting him. He isn’t holding grudges on those coaches and teams who passed on him. He’s keeping his emotional feelings out of his decision and trying to make the best decision for him long term without letting those get in the way. Pretty mature approach.

I do think Michigan has a decent shot at Cunningham with how everything is playing out. Kentucky has been on him awhile without offering and have long been considered the favorite though so we will see. Texas I feel like is a player too and Duke is Duke.


Just a FYI Cade Cunningham and his Montverde Academy team are on ESPNU right now. They are beating Sierra Canyon in a decent game. Cunningham and Harlond Beverly player great in the first half.

Hope you are right on our chances with Cade, have to get him on campus for that offer. Have high hopes for the whole class with one of the top current wing targets being a key piece to the class.

I mean I wouldn’t peg us as the favorites but we are in it for him.

He’s very good. Has a lot of qualities that are similar to Poole except he plays the point. He’s probably two inches taller than Poole and looks college ready with his body. I was very impressed with his feel.

I don’t think Poole is the best comparison for him. @umhoops whom do you think he most closely compared to from past players? He’s really athletic but doesn’t have the moves in the half court like Poole. I’d say if anything I’d do a square peg round hole comparison by saying Caris Levert. I don’t think he has a great comparison to past players off the top of my head though. Cunningham is a very likely one and done in my eyes. One of the top 5 or so players in that class in my opinion.

I think he moves like Poole, I don’t think he plays like him. Poole has a little more shake to his game but he’s also three years older. Cunningham is much bigger.