2020 - Guard - RJ Hampton (Target)


It almost never does have a big effect from my interactions with players at the highest level. They focus on what is best for themselves Individually first, and usually that doesn’t match up with their best friends.


Having a friend committed can help a school get their foot in the door and get a visit out of a recruit but that’s about it.


I get that. And it’s the right way to go. Michigan is a top 10 program now though so seems like it would have a little pull. At least a token top 5 nod. Looking at his top 5 though it’s obvious what he’s looking for in a school. He’s looking at the one and done factories besides TCU.


He’s got showcase-itis, like most 5* do.


When his list includes Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and Memphis, well…I guess I’m surprised that some are surprised.


@mjsb2 summed it up perfectly. For most players and cases at the high major level, having a best friend going to a specific school usually will allow those coaches to get their foot in the door, but that’s about where it ends normally.


TCU is probably the local school or a school he grew up a fan of.



We haven’t had a McDonalds All American since Daniel Horton.