2020 - Guard - RJ Hampton (Target)



Not sure if he actually has interest in playing at Michigan but at least wants to come up for a football game. Hopes aren’t high as he didn’t mention anything about our basketball program but being around doesn’t hurt

2020 Recruiting Notes


R.J. Hampton is beginning to slide fully into the lead guard position of his class. And while his team went down in defeat, it was encouraging to see the five-star guard put his body on the line for his team, even though the outcome of his game was decided. A tremendous play-maker - especially around the basket - Hampton, who has been known in the past as a scorer first, was more about creating for others. To see someone of his stature play so hard - and on each and every possession - shows just how good he wants to become.

Speaking of which, the belief that he is one of the best was reflected by the coaches on hand for him on Wednesday. Head coaches from Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas and UCLA took in his evening contest, as did assistants from Kentucky and Duke, as Hampton remains one of the best in the high school ranks. A possibility to reclassify into the 2019 class remains on the table but, either way, Hampton is an obvious talent.


Totally sold on RJ as a prospect. Jalen, work your magic please.