2020 - Guard - Ethan Morton (Target)


Largely agree. We wil take Morton, too. And we need a big in this class.


There is no way Morton’s offer is contingent on Zeb Jackson. Beilein and his staff can read tea leaves better than most and Jackson has been trending Michigan’s way for weeks, so I refuse to believe U-M would make an offer to Morton contigent on what Jackson does, that doesn’t make sense.


Walton was trending UM’s way for some time yet Beilein kept making offers to other PGs. Also remember that Jackson had a few more weeks of visits left so the tea leaves said UM leads but it wasn’t finished.
You may be correct that they want both, but it’s also just as possible that Beilein offered Morton, as planned, and then received a call a few hours later from Jackson saying he is ready to commit before someone else takes the spot.
Both scenarios would be well within Beilein’s MO.


If I recall Beilien offered Morris and Jackson first thing in the morning and waited till the evening to offer Walton. Weren’t those the only three we offered that cycle?


No, he offered Walton and Morris in the morning, and didn’t offer Jackson at all that day; it wasn’t until at least a week or two thereafter that Jackson got an offer on an unofficial visit to Michigan.


The way I remember it is that he offered Austin, Mark and Monte in the morning and was pushing the two commits to get Monte to commit, which he really thought about. Walton’s offer came a bit later in the day. Demetrius Jackson took a full unofficial visit later in June and received his offer.


brain fart: Austin…?


hatch: nm.


This is my recollection as well. I coulda swore Walton was later in the day. I just had Jackson wrong.


Right, I should have said just Jackson was offered after it seemed like Walton’s commitment was imminent.


Add me to the group that doesn’t see how offering Morton means Jackson isn’t coming, and vice versa. At minimum, we have 2 scholarships open, and that’s with no attrition at all and an Austin Davis 5th year. I’d say it’s 3 scholarships minimum we will have. One of them will be to a big, for sure.


From what I’ve heard it’s that the staff has had a good idea about Zeb maybe committing at least a week ago if not more. So I am skeptical they offered Morton and it will be uncommitabld come Wednesday because Zeb might commit. Michigan might be only taking 2, but instead of taking a big they may want 2 guards. I think they are going to take the best available if they are only taking 2 as of right now. By that I mean that Michigan’s number 1 priority is a guard, but after that, I think they are open to whomever they offer for the 2nd spot. Ideally it’s a big but maybe they are being flexible and open to Morton or another guard/wing maybe coming in like Hampton or Cade Cunningham because they are elite talents. We will see. I think the #1 priority is Zeb first and foremost though.


This is exactly what I have been thinking all day. Thanks for saying it so well!


Thanks for the insight.


With what @BP3 said, maybe the staff even asked Zeb to hold off on committing until after Morton visited? In an effort to try to lay the groundwork to get both.


Beilein along with Pitt’s Capel watching Morton https://twitter.com/coreyevans_10/status/1073769515547312130


That was from 2 days ago but good find. Shows Michigan is still very serious about landing him.