2020 - Guard - Ethan Morton (Target)





Wonder if he will be the first 2020 with an offer.


Upcoming visit on October 19th.



Glad to see JB back on the trail


Lost In today’s commotion (for good reason). Morton becomes the second kid to receive an offer. If Zeb Jackson commits soon not sure if this will still be committable. I heard Zeb could announce anytime in the next week. Not sure if it’s Michigan. Could be Butler.


Didn’t Love get an offer recently?


In a Rivals article it said that but nobody else including the player, put a tweet out saying they received an offer before. So I feel like it was a miscommunication and it was meant to be interest not offer. I wouldn’t be mad if it was an offer.


Thanks for that clarification. If we miss on Zeb, definitely would be happy with Love. Don’t know enough about Ethan yet


Mr. Morton offensively is a quality prospect. He has great vision and is an excellent passer with a consistent jumpshot. Clearly he has to get bigger and stronger and I wonder about his defense but as Morton has stated, he is the type of player who does well in Coach Beilein’s system.


I have a feeling that this offer is based off Zeb not committing. I have no inside sources but why would they offer knowing that there is only two spots available with the program needing a big in the 2020 class?


FWIW, the visit this weekend that correlated with the offer had been scheduled for a long time.


I have a feeling you are wrong…


If Morton chooses Michigan, he would be a huge fan favorite . He has excellent passing and playmaking skills. He reminds me of a poor man’s Nik Stauskas.


The plan was always to offer more than one lead guard because as Winston and Carton showed, even if UM leads for a player, that doesn’t guarantee that player ends up at UM.
Beilein is not going to stop recruiting until the spot is filled. It was not taken when Morton got to campus yesterday.


I hope I’m wrong as well. Just don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up like it did with Carton. Zeb was very close to committing to Butler during the summer and now it seems like a three horse race with Butler, OSU, and UM (not including Marquette even with the official visit). Seems like he’s been on campus to all three several times. Crystal balls seem to be leaning to UM, we will see if anything changes on the commitment day like it did with Carton.

Does Morton’s offer go away if Zeb commits? I’d love to have both and I think both fit very well.

The next question becomes, who is a or the big priority?


Zeb is coming


I will say this I’m going to shocked at this point if Zeb isn’t at Michigan. Like way more shocked than I was when Carton committed to OSU. I’m EXTREMELY confident about Michigan’s chances with Zeb, and I think Tuesday is going to be a good day.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Michigan is aiming for a 3 man class in 2020. Seems like the Morton offer was coming regardless of if Zeb committed. And I believe Kessler still is visiting soon. Maybe Michigan is pursuing another guard/wing who has size and skill (Morton/Cade Cunningham) and a big (Kessler/Dickinson/Ben Carlson).