2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


7 pm on Instagram I believe.


Sam Webb did say this morning on his show that his gut says Michigan is going to land Zeb. That’s usually a pretty good sign along with what Dylan has already said.


“Gut” means that it’s been signed, sealed and delivered


Michigan football is dominating the headlines currently and I think Zeb being so likely to Michigan for awhile has toned down the excitement. And also, Zeb and his camp have kept things under the radar intentionally. Barely anyone knew he did his official to Michigan last weekend until his final day there.




Excited. I work less than 5 minutes from his HS so I’ll be able to watch a good amount of his games on weeknights.


While on the topic of 2020’s he [Jackson] added he is going to try to recruit Ben Carlson, Walker Kessler, and Ethan Morton. “It’s something I need to discuss with the coaches more,” Jackson stated.

Go get ‘em Zeb!


What a great start to the ‘20 class.

Well done Beilein. Zeb will play both guard positions. He a DeJulius will make a heck of a scoring backcourt.


This article has a lot of the same information on Zeb (all good and reaffirming stuff) but at the end says that we have offered Jabri Abdur-Rahim (in addition to Morton)


It does say we offered Abdur-Rahim. I don’t think we did but would love some clarification on that. I went to Abdur-Rahim’s 247 page which indicated we offered him in September of 2017! I don’ believe Coach B offers kids that early, September of their sophomore year. I’m quite sure that Zeb was our first 0ffer for 2020 and we offered him only recently. So, I think the information about Abdur-Rahim having a Michigan offer is just false. In any case I’m excited about the commitment of Zeb Jackson!


Their database says that because he tweeted it way back then and they continue to write it (I assume because their database says that). Michigan doesn’t offer rising juniors that early, so it is safe to say an invitation to visit was relayed to him as an offer or something like that.


Not tons of press on this pick up, but it is a big one. Kid can play. Has an offensive skills set that Michigan fans will love. Continues to grow and improve. Kid that fits the Michigan culture.

Now, secure a solid Big in '20.


Zeb said in an interview last night that the coaching staff told him he and Morton are the only two with official “offers” as of now. So I’m assuming the “offers” Cade Cunningham, Caleb Love and Abdur Rahim all have are probably contingent on them visiting again maybe. Or just a flat out miscommunication.


Yep, follow this long enough and it is pretty obvious which “offers” are real. There are the guidelines (after June 15th, full visit, transcript, etc.) which knock out some, but there also tends to be a gap in communication when kids are listing their school lists at an interview scrum after a game. Sometimes schools are thrown onto one list or the other.

Then there’s the idea of… when you visit, you will get an offer. Something that probably applies to a guy like Cade Cunningham or Walker Kessler. If that goes through the AAU coach then to the kid then to the reporter, it is a game of telephone.


Right. I’m just writing aloud to make sure others know what is likely happening. I think Cunningham and Kessler will receive offers if they do visit. Has anyone heard when Kessler is making the trip up? Seems like stuff is relatively quiet around him and Cunningham both.


Did he clarify whether this was a first come first served situation with him and Morton or if his understanding is that Morton is still in play?
There are some conflicting accounts going around, which seem mostly based on assumptions.


In the article he said he needed to talk to the staff about those guys. So I don’t think he knows yet either.


When did Morton get his offer? Because, it appears that Zeb filmed part of his commitment video while visiting campus last weekend. So Zeb probably told the staff he was committing during the visit.


Given how confident insiders were by the weekend, I would pretty much guarantee that was the case re: Zeb.