2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


No angst on my end and I’m not comparing Jackson to anyone, just pointing out that I’ve read different things so am not inclined to know what to believe.

Personally, I hope @BP3 and other signs are right and Jackson decides very early in the process, because that would allow Michigan to move on in some way earlier than later. That’s me as a Michigan basketball fan. Not a rational recruiting follower.



I know Crystal Ball’s are not worth a whole heck of a lot, but last week Jerry Meyer CBed Jackson to us and yesterday Josh Gershon and Evan Daniels followed suit. I couldn’t find any write-ups yet on their reasoning, but has to be pretty good signs, right?


I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it. I think it’s appropriate to say that’s not a bad thing. That said, anything can happen up until a committment announcement, so if we get closer to that and the crystal ball holds, that is probably a good sign.


Sam Webb just placed a Michigan CB for Zeb.


Weirdly enough it’s often better when Sam DOESN’T place a crystal ball. He doesn’t put out a crystal ball if he has a “gut feeling”


He’s 29/30 on his crystal ball picks so I don’t think it’s a bad sign



This combined with the timing of Sam’s crystal ball placement makes it seem like it is almost assuredly Michigan.


I hope so, I like him.



Article a little dated, but high praise.


I would be pretty surprised if this one doesn’t end up Michigan. I think some of your guys are reading tea leaves that aren’t there. Anything can happen (and the fact that Jackson called off an announcement of an announcement date reinforces that) but I think recent events should be read as a good sign, not a bad sign.


Sounds like Ohio State and MSU are out of it. I heard Zeb may have already told those schools they were out. He was supposed to official to Michigan State this weekend, yet he was on an official to Michigan instead. Seems more like a Butler vs. Michigan battle for Zeb. Butler was where he nearly committed to initially in June.


I think it’s down to Michigan and the Wolverines.


He was actually supposed to official to Butler this weekend


FWIW, I asked my law school roommate–a rabid basketball fan but not a Michigan guy–to watch Zeb’s film and give me an unbiased player comparison. He looked and said that he reminded him a great deal of Trent Frazier, Illinois’ freshman PG last year, who averaged 12.5 pig and 3.1 apg in his initial campaign. I then watched film of Frazier, and the comparison fits really well, from body type to style of game to handle and shot mechanics to even the fact that both are left handed. FWIW, Frazier was composite ranked #109 as a high school senior out of Florida.

I like Frazier a lot. Assuming Zeb commits to Michigan as expected, if he has the career I expect Frazier to have, that’s a very, very good get.


Anyone heard what time he is supposed to be announcing today?


Around 7pm. I’m pretty surprised by how little attention this is receiving across the Michigan boards.


Yeah not sure for a top 50 kid you would think there would be more hype around on announcement day especially when it’s trending well for us. Perhaps concern about getting left at the alter like we did with DJ.