2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


Lorenz and Henschke have put in crystal balls for Zeb to Michigan (although it’s not showing up on his page for some reason?). I’d expect Zeb to commit to Michigan soon based on the buzz.


Is the buzz you are referring to solely those crystal balls?


Almost all the crystal balls were in Michigan’s favor for DJ Carton as well. Over 90% I believe. I’m not putting anything past Holtmann and Co.


A couple things:

  1. Lorenz’s and Snow’s recent confidence
  2. Wants to commit soon but didn’t commit to OSU during his visit
  3. Taking a return visit immediately after an offer

Just as far as general history of recruiting goes, it’s leaning Michigan pretty heavily


A lot of the big time tuned in guys (Sam Webb and Brian Snow) changed their crystal ball late.


While true, Braedan has a point that people were very confident and then the day of his commitment it came out he was going to OSU.


Dylan, What is your gut saying about the kid from Maumee been watching him since he was a Freshman and he is a baller


Have we heard anything from the second unofficial visit last weekend?


Still making his rounds


I read today that Jackson likes Ohio State and Michigan, not necessarily in that order. Plus he is very close to U-M PG Zavier Simpson and has played AAU ball in an organization run by Quincy Simpson, Zavier’s Dad, for several years.


More official visits on the docket for Jackson: Butler, Arizona State and MSU.


Man, he’s being very aggressive in getting all of these visits in. That’s a lot of travel!


Making use of the new NCAA rule that allows more OVs.


Even if he knows where he is going (not staying he does) taking these OVs has got to be blast for a kid in his position


I think it’s the right move. Enjoy the process and go see those schools that you otherwise he couldn’t see. And maybe he finds a school he feels is better. Not good for Michigan but for him it is so I’m all for him doing all his visits.


I wonder if this will go the path of Cassius Winston where JB will get anxious waiting for the process to play out and want to move on.


That played out over years. We didn’t get a commitment from X until about a year later in the process than we are now with zeb. I am guessing that JB is not anxious on this one. Still plenty of time and he has only had an offer for a month right?


I don’t see any similarities to the Winston recruitment right now. Winston’s recruitment went on for a long time. Jackson is more of the opposite right now, he’s aggressively trying to work toward a decision.


Do we know this? I understand that’s the way it looks, and there’s “chatter”, but it could go for another year, correct? I read elsewhere that there’s no rush.


Sure, it could. What we know is that Jackson almost committed (or did privately) to Butler and is now taking several official visits as a junior. Obviously this is a new rule that allows kids to do this so early, but he’s been very aggressive about going through the process.

This idea that he is somehow dragging his feet in his recruitment and comparing him to Cassius Winston’s recruitment doesn’t really make any sense. If this thing is still going on next August and Jackson cancels his official visit to Michigan, then maybe we can talk about that.

I just don’t understand the angst here. How many 2020 kids are committed right now? How many have taken any official visits? How many 2020 kids have cut their lists to something shorter than 10 schools?