2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


He also just visited OSU again and is supposed to take an official next week to Marquette (as mentioned in this update).

It does sound like an early-ish decision could be in the cards though, but remember he also almost committed in August.

“We feel like it would be an advantage of committing earlier because then I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else committing there and taking that spot,” he said. “A lot of colleges play with more than one guard, but then I secure that spot and can start getting ready for that school now. Less stress.”


Who is it believed he would have committed to in August?


Butler and our old friend LaVall Jordan, I believe


Yep it was Butler.


I’m betting this weekend will solidify some things.


As Dylan already noted, I’m not reading too much into this (granted, my only source of information is this site :slight_smile: ) Seems he’s doing his due diligence in a condensed timeframe.

OSU just scares me, as I think that program is coming back in a big way. However, I do like our chances overall, just not going to count the chickens before they hatch. Go Blue!


Not saying don’t read into it (or that Zeb announced a top 7 right after he was offered), just saying that he has been aggressive taking visits and has a scheduled official.


And was ready to drop before to Butler…

Seems like he wants things over soon.


I’m just trying to temper my expectations, of course internally I’m reading tons into it!! I think the biggest takeaway is that he is being aggressive in taking his visits and wants the process over sooner than later. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


If he waits too long, Caleb Love could take his place


Jalen Terry will likely get an offer before Love. Has Love even visited? Beilein is all about relationships and he’s had one with Terry and his coaches for well over a year.


Beilein seems much better with those that makes
quick decisions than those who drags on. Relatively few commits after a long term relationship, Johns comes to my mind, but cannot think of another one.


Depends on how long you think is long:
Top of my head people who didn’t “jump” on their offer but we still got:


good list

I would consider McGary as coming from a long term relationship.

Stauskas’s recruitment was not very long although longer than most Beilein recruits.
Iggy were more or less a silent
commit with no serious competition.


Stauakas’ recruitment had two chapter’s to it. It lasted a while.


I don’t think Iggy’s was clear cut either. He had crystal ball’s to Vanderbilt, who put together an amazing 2018 class with one of iggy’s best friends (Simi Shittu), who also was a Michigan target for a short time.


Also am hearing Zeb Jackson could make a commitment within the next week or two. Based on recent visits, it seems like it would be a safe assumption it’s either going to be Michigan or Ohio State. His visit to Michigan this weekend is going to be all weekend I have heard. Similar to what he did at Ohio State last weekend. Even though it is an unofficial.

This isn’t set in stone FYI just some chatter I’ve heard.


Thanks for the update. Hopefully the last word is final similar to Carton but this time in our favor


If OSU nabs Carton and Zeb back to back I’m going to just have to declare an all-out war against Chris Holtmann for the remainder of time


Seems like we could use the same tactic. Ask him if he really wants to sit behind DJ carton?