2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


Washington was never a priority A or even B target for Michigan. Although personally I felt he should’ve been. He’s going to be good at Ohio State. Great kid too.

And agree completely with you. It’s time for the good guys to land one in a h2h recruiting battle.


We all know how thorough JB is with his offers. Washington got one.


So did Joe Girard. Doesn’t mean they are priority 1 or 1a


The ball is closest to Michigan and Marquette. Book it. Where’s @CoryR?


And he’s wearing Jordan brand :eyes:


I don’t recall one player ever saying that not having an offer early affected thier recruitment with Michigan.

I get what you’re saying and I used to share your viewpoint but IMO, it’s a nonstarter.

I actually really like it now.


Of course there are different priority levels. Doesn’t negate the fact that M offered and he chose OSU.


No kid ever publicly says that. That sounds petty. But it sometimes it is relevant. Can name 5 or 6 at various levels off top of my head that I’ve interacted with. One 2020 in Michigan is going throughbthst situation right now, but it’s not involved with Michigan. Each kid’s viewpoint is different. Some view getting early offers as the level of interest. You see kids answer all the time that when they commit to schools, they say it was because they were one of the first ones to offer and “believe in me.” Not saying that I agree but i know it happens is all.


I talked to my sources. Both of them. Zeb is going blue. Book it!!!


It’s worth noting that Beilein’s policy on offers doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to get out front on recruitments. That’s kind of his MO in identifying kids before other coaches. Poole is a good example of UM getting in early and it just being a matter of him taking the visit. Beilein tells his top targets the offer is coming once the visit or June 15 deadline happens so it’s not like they don’t feel like an early priority.
While other coaches are racing to make the first offer, Beilein is talking to the kid’s coaches and teachers. Over and over families say they appreciate how thorough Beilein is and how that helps them trust him when he makes a promise to a kid.


If OSU lands Jackson on the heels of having signed Carton, I’ll be officially scared of Holtmann. If playing point guard is the priority for Jackson there’s no question which situation looks better.


We offered Justin Ahrens, too. If you want to count those as recruiting “wins” for OSU, that’s fine. I’m happy with the guys we got.

But Carton was a flat out win, he’s super talented and was a top priority.


Holtmann seems to be targeting very similar players to us nowadays. He’ll be a good one for them. Still can’t believe they stumbled into a coach as good as him with how late their coaching search was.


Sucks Greg McDermott didn’t take it, that would have been a gift


That was a home run pickup for them. Got a feeling he could be our biggest concern in the conference very soon along with MSU. Gonna be a war for the same recruits.




This has to be positive. Let’s hope.


Very interesting… Two visits in three weeks :thinking:

He seems to want to make an early decision too… would love a commitment!


i see a commitment coming