2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


Michigan has been on Jackson pretty steadily. Go through the UAA footage I posted in the story on the front page and I believe you’ll see them courtside at at least one or two games. These are 2020 kids so most aren’t getting the ‘every game’ treatment from head coaches.


Right, but he just started his Jr year. He’s my sons age (OMG).

Timing on this player isn’t an issue.

And, what Maker said.


From my knowledge Michigan staff has recruited Zeb for more than a year. Just as long or longer than most the schools who already offered him.


Exactly, with Michigan the timing of the offer isn’t always the timing of serious interest.


That’s my point about building relationships. Some coaches use the offer to initiate that. Beilein uses the relationship to determine if the offer makes sense.
I also assume families and players understand that open heart surgery might have slowed down the process this year and would be surprised if Jackson and others are actually impressed by how soon after that procedure Beilein has come with serious interest. .


Crean used to offer early and often. Don’t think the early offers meant a thing.


I mean personally in general I’d like the Michigan staff to be a little less stringent regarding offers. Sometimes it hurts taking too long to offer kids even though they know they just want to build a relationship. Just a little more relax would be perfect for me. Not complaining too much tho end of the day because things work out in the end.


I think Culture is everything to JB and his coaches work hard to protect it. You can’t be clean and carless at the same time. I assume the team has a working model and set of criteria for the best fit recruits. Go Blue!


It is interesting that they waited this long to offer a 2020. Previously they would send out a couple offers on the earliest they could officially do so, IIRC.


They have done that at times in the past (June 15th), but not always. That date is also funny because it isn’t the first day that anyone can offer a scholarship offer technically, it is just the first day coaches can contact kids directly and Michigan used as a guideline to first extend offers.

In general, early recruiting has slowed down a bit from where it was a few years back. Grad transfers, NBA, regular transfers, etc. have really changed recruiting to the point where it is better to commit late than early in many cases.


Some sites list him as a 2G, some as a combo. I think he can easily play PG and would fit in nicely with our lead-guard every 2 years pattern. Very smooth player and I predict he’ll only rise in the rankings. Would obviously fit great with our roster in a couple years. Hopefully we can stay near the top of his recruitment and win it in the end.


He’s a PG imo. The websites aren’t always the most up to date. 247 still has Beverly as a 100% CB to MSU and he hasn’t seriously considered them in probably close to a year.


Jackson is back at osu all weekend for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. I know snow put in a crystal ball for um but 2 visits to the same place probably isn’t a good sign for um.



Brandon johns visited MSU like 50 times over his high school career and literally lived within where student apartments and professors lived. Romeo Weems was at MSU like 4 or 5 weekends straight last year during the fall. It’s not a huge worry to me.


Great, great content once again. A couple great articles within a day of the offer. Thanks.




The way that is worded it sounds to me like them trying to make themselves feel secure about the situation.


Needless to say.

They’ve already gotten former M offers Washington and Carton recently.

Time for the good guys to score one.