2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


We didn’t land any of them though, so in the end, idk if it matters where we were with them at this time in the cycle.

At this point, Beilein & Co’s systematic approach to recruiting is always somewhat suprising from year to year. I have to trust that the staff have thier sites set on a handful of kids and names we have yet to hear and a laid out plan on how to approach.

All will be ok BP :slight_smile:


Don’t think Zeb walked out with an offer but from what I heard I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an offer within the week. Never know though, everyone thought Beverly would’ve had a offer in July and it never came so we will see.



Beilein visiting Zeb too… wonder if JB extends an offer coming off of his visit last weekend


Michigan staff is visiting Zeb tomorrow i think. I’d expect an offer for him.


He officially gets the first known offer for 2020



He’s number one on my board outside of Hampton of course. Who knows if he’s a legit option or not


I like the insinuation that there’s another unknown offer. I’m gonna convince myself Ware also has an offer :slight_smile:


Just got a Michigan CB from national guy Brian Snow


Idk to be honest. I kind of meant maybe Michigan has told certain elite prospects they will have an offer once they visit like Hampton or Kessler or some other top 10-20 prospect.


Wrong thread for this, but Ware is sort of a tweener right now. He plays through people and overpowers people but he’s not really sized like a five. Does he seem like someone that you guys think Michigan really needs to prioritize?


Snow is in touch with all things Ohio and an OSU alum…so its interesting.


With all the versatile wing talent we’re amassing you’d think a high level 2020 point guard would be salivating to get them the ball.


I like operating on a premise of seeing who the staff feels is worth an offer in the early stages and then following them pretty closely. I guess my read has been Ware was a likely target. I’m really happy with Zeb being offered and we’ll see what happens I guess.


Would feel pretty awesome to come in late and land this kid over all of the other top Midwest schools that have prioritized him for a long time.


The staff has been recruiting him for a while and from what we know, hasn’t “prioritized” anyone until now.


Yea, were not even close to being late on Jackson.


On top of that, I would assume there is some value in knowing he is the first 2020 offer.
Beilein is more interested in building relationships than in simply offering, which is why once the offer comes, kids know it means something.


Idk about that, this kid has been major priority for pretty much the entire Midwest for a long time. Um has recruited him but he never seemed like a major priority during the spring and summer, it probably had a lot to do with carton.