2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


With terry visiting too, I have to imagine either both will be offered or neither will. Could Beilein be trying to setup another 2013 type pg recruiting situation.


Very interesting that he and Jalen are both visiting. I would be happy to land either one so I hope they offer both and say first one to jump.


Am I the only one that thinks UM interest in R. J. Hampton could be slowing down recruiting with Zeb and Jalen Terry? Am I being overly optimistic with respect to Hampton?


I doubt that there is any slowing. As much as I like Hampton and his relationship to Wilson is helpful, I think we are still quite the longshot. In that class there is room for a PG and CG/SG IMO… especially a CG like Hampton


Well we don’t need any more combo forward types. Between Johns, Iggy, Livers, Wilson and maybe even Bajema some at the 3, we should be good for the next 3 or 4 years at the SF/PF spot. Probably wouldn’t need to seriously recruit those until 2021 at the earliest unless it’s a absolute stud type player in 2020. Hopefully Michigan goes hard after elite guards in 2020.


The slowdown has had more to do with Carton (didn’t know if they would need a lead guard in 2020 until he decided), the Spain trip, and Beilein’s surgery.
With Z Jackson, Terry, and Carlson all coming in for visits, I would expect the 2020 offers for guards and bigs will start soon.


Any chance we could take both Terry as point and Jackson as a combo?


Y’know I was wondering that as well. @umhoops realistically, how many spots should Michigan have for 2020 do you think? 2 or 3?

I think it’s certainly a possibility off top of my head. I’d be open to it personally.


Not @umhoops, but no attrition and a 5th year for Davis, 2 open scholarships (Simpson, Teske). Working level assumption would be probably 3 scholarships. I would like to see a point guard, Center and then best player available (Ideally a Center/PF type).

My Ideal, yet totally Unrealistic Projected Class would be (Kessler, Isaiah Jackson, Hampton)

Realistic Class (Kessler, Zeb Jackson, Carlos Johnson)


Yeah, that sounds about right… probably some self-scouting going on before knowing exactly what the needs are for the class to be honest. It is a tricky spot because such a large percentage of Michigan’s roster hasn’t really played real college minutes yet.


Kessler and Zeb are considered realistic?
Has either put out any type of top xx list yet?


I watched some film of Johnson this morning, he’s low upside but he’s going be a really good 4 year guy. I really want him.


I was about to ask this as well for Kessler. I do think Zeb Jackson is attainable. Won’t be easy but Quincy Simpson, Zavier’s Dad, is C2K Elite’s program director/owner and Zeb plays for them. Michigan has also been showing interest in Zeb for over a year now, so it isn’t like they haven’t laid the basic groundwork for him.

Kessler I always felt was a long shot. I think he will end up staying in the SEC. I believe both his parents went to Georgia or his dad played there right? I would certainly love to have him.

Scooby is a realistic target, although it feels like Michigan hasn’t prioritized him as heavily as others.

I think Scooby, Zeb, Jalen Terry and Lorne Bowman are all attainable targets that are close to campus. Adam Miller, DJ Steward and Tyler Beard are an additional trio of guards that are close to campus (Chicago) that are possible targets.

I feel like this class is a bit bizarre compared to others. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this class is taking the staff longer to find at least a few guysbtgat are starting to stand out as bigger priority targets than others. I get we just finished 2019 but usually main targets emerge pretty early for any program, and Michigan doesn’t have any so far. That worries me a slight bit since I feels like we are casting a wide net and haven’t got serious traction with any from what i can tell. Maybe after these next two weekends (Jalen Terry and Zeb this weekend, Ben Carlson next weekend I believe) Michigan will have a few clear cut targets we are prioritizing.


I’m pretty sure Kessler’s grandfather, dad, and brother all played at UGA. There was some thought that he was a lock to play there but the UNC, Michigan, and Stanford are heavily involved.


Zeb Jackson’s HS is a very good academic school with a unique curriculum considering it’s size. There’s bigger basketball schools in the Toledo area but I think it says something that his parents have kept him there so far. Academics might be real important to the family. Just conjecture on my part.


I think Jayden stone is a very realistic target too. Sounds like his favorites are unc and Michigan but I am guessing it will take unc a while to offer if they ever do.


Well I wouldn’t say Michigan is generally quick to throw out offers themselves. So I still bet UNC offers before Michigan does.


I just find it hard to believe he will leave the South to play. He should have his pick of the lot in the SEC and ACC whenever he’s ready to decide.


Disagree. This time last year we were wondering why Harold Beverley was being so under recruited and we were barely hearing about DJ Carton… if at all.

Fast forward to the present- we have two top 70’ish kids, one no one could have predicted.

We’re further along with ZebJ and Terry then we were with Carton before almost landing him.

It’s still extreamly early.


Michigan had quite a few offers out for kids at this stage for 2019s though. And essentially every other class before this. I believe Rocket Watts, Weems, Taylor Currie (before he moved up) and maybe one more had offers on June 15. Michigan normally hasn’t had the class before wrapped up like this year either, but it still seems like they are trying to throw feelers out to the top top tier (Hampton, Brown, Kessler, Cunningham) before going all in on targets.

Yes, there is a lot of time before 2020s really need to commit, but many are setting officials now too due to NCAA changes to # of officials, but Michigan hasn’t set up any. Like I said earlier though, it’s not a huge worry it’s just me being nitpicky and anxious to hopefully land some elite prospects. I’d love if Terry, Jackson and Ben Carlson all leave Ann Arbor after their visits with offers.