2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


Nailed it again!


We’re truly blessed to have an actual insider on this board.



Yeah, but can he play defense?


We won’t learn anything about his defense (unless he’s getting torched) considering the competition he plays in HS. I went to a school in his conference. I was 5’11” in high school (grew three inches in college when I didn’t even need it) and I was the center. Things have only slightly improved since I graduated in 07. My dad runs the clock for the boys and girls team at my high school. Says it’s still pretty awful play throughout the conference. Zeb should dominate most games on both ends of the floor on an individual level.


Ok just to tag off @bacon141 some about not knowing if he can truly play defense and also a heads up about that Weingarten kid. He is great for news but he doesn’t normally go to games. I’ve never seen him before at games or AAU events and I usually travel quite a bit. He goes off word of mouth and what he sees or gets texted from the players themselves. He is a high school kid in New York so unless Maumee played in New York I don’t think he was actually speaking firsthand lol. His evaluations are usually just recycled info someone else posts first or what the kids themselves tell him. It’s hard to know Jackson is a capable defender from high school. Maybe the playoffs if they make a run. He did play pretty solid defense last year in AAU. Especially when matching up against Jalen Terry of the Family. But I don’t think it’s enough of a sample to get a good idea on how good he really is. This upcoming AAU season will be a decent litmus. 17u is usually the best tool of any to measure but it’s still not perfect.


Honestly, all that matter is that he has the ability.

Poole and Iggy’s transformation on defense makes me believe, if they are physically capable, they will show it on the floor or won’t play.





Love this kid’s game. Looks like one of our better guard commits of the last few years.


Very impressive


Jackson also looks like he has grown, definitely looks 6ft3+, would be nice if he could get up to 6ft5.


Idk about this season, as his game is still rounding out, but when he’s a senior Zeb is going to put up some ridiculous numbers in that conference. Nobody on any team can check him


For a junior he’s very impressive skill wise. He has a long way to go physically, and he should since he’s just a kid, but once his body matures he’s gonna be phenomenal.
I wonder why he prefers to dunk right handed?





Sounds like he was serious about impressing Coach Yak.


They play in the smallest school division in Ohio and the competition they play is bad for that division even I heard. His stats don’t mean much currently until AAU starts. But still, a triple double is a triple double and with steals is does deserve a applause.