2020 - G - Zeb Jackson (Commit)


Dylan, What is your gut saying about the kid from Maumee

I love both Terry and Zeb, can’t understand the variance between them in the ranking.

2020 Recruiting Notes

Zeb outplayed Terry in April in Grand Rapids twice. And Zeb’s team won by double digits both times. Granted, Isaiah jackson was playing for the 17u team while jalen and Zeb were on 16u. But still, I agree that Zeb is too low but also Jalen was a bit too high to me.


Visit today from Zeb Jackson

2020 Recruiting Notes

Really like his game. Broke down some of his video in last week’s roundup.


Highlights from this weekend of 2020 6’3 PG Zeb Jackson. Jackson plays for C2K Elite 16u on the UAA circuit. He recently got an offer from Ohio State on May 12th, and has reportedly been getting serious interest from the Michigan staff for months as well.

C2K Elite and owned and operated by Quincy Simpson, Zavier Simpson’s Dad. I watched him in person in April. He’s the real deal.

2020 Recruiting Notes

If he’s still a target this winter, I’ll check out some games. He plays right down the street from my work


Yep. I personally prefer Jackson at UM over Terry.

I think he’s more versatile, I think he’ll grow and be a true 6’4 ish combo guard.

Especially if we grab Carton in a week or so, I’d love Jackson in ‘20.





I love Jackson’s game


Yeah he’s really impressive. Quick and smooth. He’s so smooth Xavier Simpson might have a tough time staying in front of him



Jackson visited Purdue and Butler this weekend and looks like he might have been close to a commitment but backed off.


So we’re not heavily recruiting him?


He visited in June and is definitely on the radar.