2020 - G - Nimari Burnett (TTU Commit)

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Kind of surprised no mention of the offer on this board. With his relationship with Coach Yak, who knows. He is not gonna announce for quite some time, thus not getting any hopes up. But, him and Zeb would be an awesome backcourt.


Good point. Here’s the tweet.

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The fact that he’s not looking to set up an OV is telling.

Where did you see that? All I’ve seen this this update from Matt D. Let’s see what he learns over the weekend.

There was a little bit of discussion about it in the 2020 recruiting notes thread, but Nimari didn’t have his own page yet. Zeb knows Nimari so hopefully he can help recruit him to Michigan.

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Who said he’s not looking to set up an OV? Everything I’ve seen just says he doesn’t have anything set right now. That doesn’t mean that he will never take an OV. He visited in February. If he gets to September without visiting again then I’d have concerns, but this time of year guys are so focused on AAU.


I think you’re reading too much into it. Only quote about an OV is “Hopefully I can make a return trip for an official visit. Not 100% sure yet though.”

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In fairness, if you’re not 100% sure you’re going to go for an OV, that’s not a great sign. Now if he does schedule an OV, we can get excited that we have a shot.

I’m listening to Sam show on the Recruiting Roundup via podcast right now. Sam is talking about what has transpired and is also talking about Nimari’s strong relationship with Yak. He quoted Nimari as saying, he enjoyed his visit, talked about his relationship with Yak, said that will be a factor, and said the “atmosphere and the campus were incredible, the fans were into it, I really enjoyed myself on the visit.” Sam also said now that Michigan came in with an offer, Nimari has said “he is coming back for an official which will be huge.” Sam did say that this will be a highly contested recruitment.


If Burnett sticks to his timeline (next spring), this one isn’t happening

There’s so much pessimism here regarding a guy that was offered just yesterday. I’m not saying he will wind up at Michigan because he’s a 5 Star kid who will be involved in a hotly contested recruitment, but man, at this point Michigan has as good of odds as anyone. He has a prior relationship with Yak, is friends with Zeb, and he already took an unofficial visit to Michigan on his own dime, which is even more impressive considering he isn’t a local player.

Everyone just relax and let’s let this one play out. He seemed very excited about the offer.


I agree it’s early with this one and there is a shot. Though whenever a recruit receives an offer they alway seem excited, even if they have no intention of ever going to the school that offered (not saying that’s what’s happening here)

Any top20 recruit is a long shot for most schools (excluding Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and perhaps now Memphis), but it seems like circumstances around this particular recruitment are “less unfavorable” to Michigan than many other elite recruits.

Also with the combination of easier transfer protocols and new draft entry process, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more 4 & 5-star recruits slow play their commitments; make sure they know as much about the roster makeup of the program they’re signing with.


It’s typical of the Michigan fan base. That’s why I get frustrated. I mean he just got offered today geez. Sometimes I hate coming to this great site and read comments. I must say that Michigan has the most pessimistic and fairweather fans. People complained about him not being offered. I just don’t get it sometimes. Too pessimistic for me anyhow. They also give up on the players that’s already here before they graduate. See DJ WILSON ( just a example) . At least I’m not the only one.

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Note: I think I’m the only person who posted anything pessimistic.

I wouldn’t say that’s a post that gleams with optimism.

Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch, these are just personal opinions. We have glass half full fans and glass half empty fans which creates discussion.


Let’s just say I have reason to be a little more optimistic than most on this one…


Just like Jaylen Brown?