2020 - G - Joshua Christopher (Offer)

Jaylen Brown was unlikely going to UM. Kept UM in play but had a priority to play for an African American coach.


I also don’t think the recruitments are similar in nature. Sure we were later to the party with both guys, but the timing for Josh is much more ideal because we got in before his senior season. If I recall, the Jaylen recruitment timing began much later in the process, no?

Either way, this is the most I’ve wanted a guy since Jaylen (except maybe Mo Bamba). I love that we’re in this thing with Christopher, and I’m much more confident in Juwan to catch the big fish than I was with Beilein (whom I loved). Go Blue JC! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Yes, the biggest difference is that Juwan’s first offer went to Christopher. Brown contacted Beilein late in the process to see if he was interested.

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So the Jordan Brand Classic released its roster today. Check out the away team roster: Christopher is going to be playing with both Todd and Dickinson.


One more CB in for Christopher to Michigan. Another local guy.


PS JC plays with 5* PG Dior Johnson. He can prolly play off the ball.

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I think from what I’ve heard they pretty much just take turns with the ball and average 30 points each. :joy:


Yeah we probably shouldn’t be inferring too much based on how they currently are used.

I had a pretty good feeling just a month ago that Josh Christopher, despite my belief that Michigan was the program to beat, would visit all of his finalists before committing. That might not be the case any longer. Christopher’s commitment might not be too far away and the feeling is that Michigan is on the precipice of adding the five-star to its 2020 class.


I need this to happen so I can stop stressing about it


That first sentence in the quote about gave me a heart attack after reading


Ant responding to the Corey Evans report or he know something we don’t?

Responding to the report. Ant is not an insider


when is it time to get excited? Have we reached that point?

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I think we are dangerously close to excitement time


Ant does not have insider-ish sources. Also LOL to his Zeb Jackson comp to Jeremy Lamb because “they are both smooth and good shooters.”


Two more CB’s in for Michigan. The one UCLA outlier is gone, as well.


If there was ever going to be a dude to lead everyone on to one school only to flip in another direction last minute for the memes it would be Josh Christopher. That being said, I don’t know what to do with my hands.