2020 - G - Joshua Christopher (Offer)

These CBs are really adding up…

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Do you have a link to that?

Just the simple fact that UCLA hasn’t reached out since O’Neal left the team should be enough to get CBs off UCLA, so it may be more driven by that than anything else.

(Can you tell I’m trying to talk myself out of having any expectations?)

Can also listen to it on mobile with the apple podcast app, spotify, or probably any other podcast app.

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Thanks! And for anyone else, the interview starts at the 26-minute mark.

Really hope this isn’t Jaylen Brown 2.0. Holding off excitement just in case.


If he goes somewhere else we’ll just have to settle for four four star players and one five star. Not the worst position to be in.


The Christopher recruitment is more about roster comp than how good he is… which is really saying something because he’s really good and would be the most talented player in U-M’s freshman class.


Yep. Greg Brown is rated similarly, but he is a luxury recruit given who they have coming in and who they have returning. Christopher fills a distinct NEED and single handedly changes the outlook for next year’s team and raises their ceiling another level. My hopes are up high now on this one and I’ll be really disappointed if it doesn’t work out.


That’s how recruiting should be, IMO. I’d rather have high expectations and be disappointed than go around trying to convince myself things won’t work out and still be disappointed anyway.

Most people who say they are setting their expectations low so they will be pleasantly surprised are lying. They’ll still be mad if Christopher picks ASU or somebody other than Michigan.


Jaylen Brown was unlikely going to UM. Kept UM in play but had a priority to play for an African American coach.


I also don’t think the recruitments are similar in nature. Sure we were later to the party with both guys, but the timing for Josh is much more ideal because we got in before his senior season. If I recall, the Jaylen recruitment timing began much later in the process, no?

Either way, this is the most I’ve wanted a guy since Jaylen (except maybe Mo Bamba). I love that we’re in this thing with Christopher, and I’m much more confident in Juwan to catch the big fish than I was with Beilein (whom I loved). Go Blue JC! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Yes, the biggest difference is that Juwan’s first offer went to Christopher. Brown contacted Beilein late in the process to see if he was interested.

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So the Jordan Brand Classic released its roster today. Check out the away team roster: Christopher is going to be playing with both Todd and Dickinson.


One more CB in for Christopher to Michigan. Another local guy.


PS JC plays with 5* PG Dior Johnson. He can prolly play off the ball.

I think from what I’ve heard they pretty much just take turns with the ball and average 30 points each. :joy:

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Yeah we probably shouldn’t be inferring too much based on how they currently are used.