2020 - G - Joshua Christopher (Offer)

Basically the total opposite of how Beilein recruited.

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Beilein didn’t send recruits pictures of his shoes?


Beilein wore some of the best shoes of any coach on the recruiting trail. He wore those UM cement 3’s all the time. I’m sure those could’ve gotten a lot of talk with the recruits.


I just figured that Coach B was up in recruits’ DMs with these bad boys, fresh off of cutting the lawn in them in the offseason.


Nope. Just pictures of himself so they could judge how tall they were in comparison.


People will think I am crazy, and idk if we ultimately get him but I think um emerges as one of the top threats for Christopher.


Yesterday Orion Sang said Michigan has a lot of ground to make up for him. I tend to think Michigan is on the outside looking in for Josh.


He said um had its work cut for him, every school has their work cut out for a prospect of his caliber. Theres clearly a connection there based on the fact he was Juwans first offer. I believe Webb said his dad and juwan have known each other for years. Interesting too that he mentioned Michigan first when talking to Matthew Bain(Iowa reporter) about top schools. Theres also nothing too intimidating about his list other than uk recently getting involved. I know he has connections to asu and Missouri but I just dont see him ending up at a program of that caliber.

FWIW, most of these interviews are more in scrum situations. I highly doubt that Christopher knew who Bain was or anything like that. They are also working for other papers in the network and getting quotes there, so there’s a chance that Bain was asking Qs directly about Michigan.

Worth remembering how the Plumlee family gushed over Beilein as a person but none of the kids ever came all that close to going to UM.

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That’s not true. My recollection is we finished second for the youngest, and frankly, our program reached a stature where I’d bet we would start winning some of those. That said, there are many examples of dad liking Michigan a lot more than son did.

Man there is a ton of pessimism on these boards right now about our chances with a lot of the top targets. I think that once Juwan gets one 2020 recruit the flood gates may open.

I think it’s setting in a bit that Juwan is coming in late on these recruitments and doesn’t have a program to pitch so it’s a tougher sell than we’d hope.


My memory is that it was a distant second. Something like “We love Beilein and think he will eventually do great things but can’t pass up Duke right now.” It would not surprise me to learn that the Plumlees actually liked Beilein more than Coach K, but at the time that wasn’t enough. And that’s the point I was making since a number of people seem to be wondering why some of these kids, like Christopher, can genuinely like a Howard and yet UM is still not likely to land them. Just reminding people that Beilein experienced that as well in his first few years at UM, and that was despite his head coaching experience.
Yes, of course, Beilein had put himself in a much better position to land top 50 players but that’s not really what I was talking about.

Less pessimism, more realistic reading of the tea leaves.

I think we’re in good shape for our big man targets between Kessler and Dickinson, and in good position for Burnett. We don’t seem to be in the picture right now for any wing targets however. And August is almost here


Wing is not of urgent concerns for 2020, if Franz stays another year and Bajema develops well.

Christopher probably could play as a wing as well if Michigan somehow landed him. He’s around 6’5 and 200 pounds with tons of bounce and explosiveness.

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Wing isn’t a huge need if Franz and Cole develop like we’d hope but we still need to add a quality wing given the open scholarships and inevitable attrition. It sounds like Burnett, Suggs and Christopher all have some level of interest. Getting them and others who emerge as targets on campus will be the big next step.

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All true, but JB took over a team that hadn’t made the tourney for nine years, so the circumstances were a bit different.