2020 - G - Jalen Suggs (Target)

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Any guesses as to why he hasn’t yet been offered?

This kid is a pipe dream but man he’d be awesome in a Michigan uni. Physically he’d handle the Big Ten better than most guards. Also, further evidence that Cade Cunningham is not human and is easily the best player in the class as good as these other guys Michigan is targeting. Oklahoma State is going to have a monster 2020 class coming in talent wise.

Suggs has been on a tear in Vegas.

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Suggs is my favorite recruit among the players that they have been mentioned with (which is saying a lot with guys like Kessler and Christopher in the mix). His all around game is so impressive.

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A little birdie says Minnehaha Academy incoming senior five-star point guard Jalen Suggs will commit to Gonzaga for basketball, but isn’t ready to announce because that would eliminate an invitation to the Under Armour All-America football game in Orlando, Fla., in January.

The 6-foot-4 Suggs also is a standout QB but will play basketball in college, then try to head for the NBA draft after one year. Suggs has played well for the U.S. Under-19 basketball team in the current World Cup in Greece.

Yep that’s pretty much why I’ve never really considered him a serious candidate to end up at Michigan. Between Christopher, Springer and Burnett, if Michigan can land one of those + hang onto Zeb then Michigan’s backcourt will be more than fine next year if the returning guards for this year’s team is at least decent.

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I would normally tweet this but I’d get killed by EVERYONE in MN but the UA circuit and Steph Curry’s camp were extremely watered down this year. Suggs is extremely talented and clearly a top 15-20 player in the country but hasn’t faced the competition that the EYBL offers.

I’m still wildly confused on his recruiting list and why the bluebloods haven’t been all over him.

There is a rumor out there that he has a silent commit to Gonzaga already is waiting for some football stuff to play out.

Yep, everyone is hearing the same thing. Was posted on here earlier. I guess he really wants to play in one of the football All America games and thinks by committing for basketball, he won’t have that opportunity.

Is he getting serious football offers?

Ohio State offered him last year with Meyer, no idea if he still holds the offer or not. He led his team to the state championship last year as a QB.

I think he would be a bigger football recruit if schools actually thought he would play football in college. Since he’s an elite basketball player, schools aren’t gonna waste their time recruiting him for football

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This has been dead for a while but now an official list (Zags, UF, Minnesota, FSU) that also includes overseas options.