2020 - G - Adam Miller (Offer)

Adam Miller, a 2020 G from Chicago

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Very selective, isn’t he…

Nothing wrong with having a long list during the summer before your junior year.

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Yes, nothing wrong with having a long list at this stage. I do wonder what the point in announcing such a list is though?

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One of the graphics guys on Twitter DMs and asks if you want him to make you an edit.


Ah, sorry I forgot he was 2020.

That doesnt seem like a reason to me… but that might just be a generation gap, and I have digressed

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Has there been mention anywhere of the new coaching staff contacting Miller?

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Word was he struggled at peach jam, still surprised juwan appears to have never made a serious run at him.

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Mac Irvin Fire got ran off the court a few times at the Peach Jam

Chicago State’s to lose

Chicago is a notorious recruiting ground. Some kids coming out of there won’t be recruitable by Michigan. No idea if that is the case here but it is worth remembering.

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Given our troubles (or the trouble in general) with recruiting Chicago maybe you take a kid even if he’s a project to open the doors?

Are you saying Adam Miller is a project? He’s basically a top 30 kid.

Probably poor choice of words. I was replying to goblue8 saying the young man struggled and then you saying that the fire got run off the court. Maybe the kid isn’t living up to his ranking lately but like goblue8 I’m kind of surprised we’re not trying here. Juwan/Chicago should become something you’d think.

This is interesting: