2020 - F - Terrance Williams (Commit)

is he more of a wing? Or a very undersized 4?

Discussed his game a bit in here:

I would say he’s an undersized 4 with a developing perimeter shot.

Justin Smith like?

More basketball player, less athlete than Justin Smith IMO.

Looks like too late to the party here.

Bummer. I liked his game.

I was excited after reading he was down to those 3. Less so after reading he is deciding tomorrow.

Michigan needs to start really pushing for visits. Maybe they are and kids just aren’t being receptive. I know the atmosphere will be better for visits during football season, but they are playing catch-up with most recruits and nobody is going to commit to Michigan unless they visit first. They need to start getting kids on campus or at least official visits set up ASAP.


It 's interesting that the only coach he mentioned by name was…Juwan Howard.

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Visits can start up again in August. I would expect most officials to be for football weekends as they usually are.

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It’s a dead period. No one is allowed to visit

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Didn’t Boston just visit Kentucky?

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Believe official visits are allowed during evaluation periods or something weird like that.

Have any visits actually been scheduled? That’s my only concern since Michigan is already playing catch-up. I know Burnett has scheduled Bama and Kessler scheduled Gonzaga. Gotta get all of these offered kids in for a visit before they get the feeling that they want to end their recruitment and commit somewhere else. I’d feel more comfortable if I knew something was planned so hopefully there are visits in the works that we just don’t know about.

Seems like people have mentioned potentially visiting Michigan, but not many trips set in stone yet. Although, Juwan Howard also said that he had a commitment from someone to take an OV way back, even his first press conference or something.

Over the next few weeks, we should start to hear about visits being set in stone. If not, that would be a concern.


No surprise here. Michigan too late to make any impact.

These recruits are strange. Why commit in the first place if you’re not 100% sold on the school enough to put the pen to paper?

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