2020 - F - Henry Coleman (Offer)

He is a little outside Duke’s normal range so we will see how hard they recruit him. If they push for him, I’d imagine they’ll land him, but that’s no guarantee. If a higher rated guy gives them good vibes, they might slow play.

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Duke can’t get everyone we’re recruiting right now

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Doubt he makes it past the duke visit

They can’t take everyone. Just like Kentucky. They will eventually run out of spots.

Does he leave without committing?

Would expect Duke here, no big secret.

does this help with Kessler?

I wouldn’t think so. Coleman has been in Duke’s plans for a while.

Coleman picks Duke, as expected.

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Not that we were serious contenders for Coleman but are you nervous that no dominoes have fallen our way yet. Quietly confident it’s going to work itself out?