2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)

Not sure why but I just feel like this player isn’t coming. Seems like he will play for a SEC/ACC team.

The fact that all the other contenders are in the south seems like a pretty strong indicator. That and the fact that Duke and UNC are involved makes that a tough pull for Beilein.

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Interesting notes on Michigan in article in regards to Kessler.


This is just an epic way of saying “close but no cigar” basically. I’d rather not be close at all lol.

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These are from last week not this week.


No sure there is a better fit for UM than Kessler. He could be a beast at Michigan if he can knock down jumpers.

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When do we start speculating if Casselton can play the 4?


My only question is: if Castleton makes a big leap as a sophomore, will Kessler be concerned about his playing time at Michigan his freshman year when Castleton is a junior?

If Kessler drags out his recruitment until next spring, Beilein will move on and sign another big in the fall.

I don’t mind getting started on that right now, if anyone else is up for it. :slight_smile:

When we want to be wrong :rofl:


He is probably good enough that he should worry about competition but I’m sure it would depend if a Duke/UNC had a open spot just sitting there.

We are a sports forum. This is our job.

Footspeed/defense is the issue here, I’d assume?

The four is a perimeter position in Michigan’s offense. I haven’t seen anything from Castleton to think that he can play offense on the perimeter like a wing. That’s not a knock on him, it just isn’t part of his game.

Moe Wagner didn’t play the four except for maybe three or four random possessions during his career and he was one of the most gifted offensive stretch bigs around.


That makes sense, but, just to play devil’s advocate, Livers doesn’t really have perimeter-speed feet, does he?

What we saw Castleton do was 5 stuff this year, but same for Mo in his early days – it was all catch/finish around the bucket, and Mo’s perimeter game blossomed in year 2. Castleton was billed as a guy who can can 3s and attack closeouts too, I thought.

Yes, as a 5. Dylan’s point was that Mo was as skilled a big as you could find, and he still couldn’t play the wing spot at Michigan. Castleton is unlikely to eclipse that level.

The yearly what big can we slide down at the 4 eh? A tradition unlike any other.