2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)


Wouldn’t surprise me although I don’t see why he’d want to. Find it hard to see Duke starting both Carey and Kessler next year if that happened. Could see Kessler turning into a Marques Bolden type player who’s pro potential diminishes greatly if he did that. But somehow I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Duke did convince him to come in as a 2019.


Not sure why Duke would want to either. Not the favorite for any other 2020 C so it’s not to clear him out for another top guy in 2020. Unless they don’t see him as a one and done and want him to develop a year in the system before taking over as starter in 2020? idk.


This situation would make sense though. I’ve seen from 3 or 4 reputable scouts that Zach Loveday, a 7’0 center for Huntington Prep who went to school in Ohio until a few weeks ago has a Michigan offer. Loveday hasn’t really been active on his twitter since last fall/early winter. The Ohio Scout I know from his general area said he’d be a perfect fit for Beilein’s system and the school in general. So it seems that Michigan has options besides Kessler. Kessler was just the #1 option. Also makes sense due to Michigan offering 2 players in the last 2 weeks. Micah Peavy and now Scooby Johnson. They aren’t bigs. But it likely means that one of the prospects they’ve already offered likely aren’t as interested in Michigan as initially hoped. Thus, Michigan offered other prospects that they liked. The situation, if true regarding Kessler would make sense for the recent moves Michigan has made with the offers. At least it does to me. Since Michigan doesn’t have a obvious “need” for a big in 2020 as of now. They are just targeting “best available” type players it seems for 2020 so far.


Maybe it’s not for Duke but for another of his suitors? I don’t know, just thinking out loud.


I think they do have a need, a huge one. When 2020 kids would arrive, we would have 5th year senior Davis (who I would guess gets a handshake and a grad transfer nudge), and Castleton (Junior). Even if you count Johns as a center, Beilein usually likes to have 3 centers on the roster at all times.

Am I missing something?


Right I was generalizing with that part but was just saying I could see it being because of the rumors regarding Kessler maybe being true.

Also, if Kessler is possibly reclassifying up, it’d make more sense for him to end up at Kentucky than Duke. Duke already has Carey whereas Kentucky has missed on every big man so far and clearly that his been their number 1 area of need to fill out the 2019 class.


I think we absolutely need a big in 2020. We are basically pinning our hopes on Johns and Castleton. I think both could be good, but ideally, Johns becomes a wing and able to fill in for minutes at the and Castleton is the starter. I don’t think Davis can be anything other than a backup. I think we need a 5 or we could be screwed if Castleton or Johns gets injured or doesn’t develop.


We do have Faulds, who might have a bit of potential. But I agree, we need to add a center in the 2020 class.


Exactly. Everyone forgets Faulds. Who played over 15 minutes per game last year at a D1 school as a true freshman. I don’t think he has a high ceiling. But he’s strong as a ox and low post defense was his best trait in high school. I think he’s already a upgrade on that end over Davis right now. And he’s probably logged more D1 minutes already than Davis and he’s sitting out this year due to the transfer.


This is moving fast


For sure. A 2020 big can play spot minutes as a freshman, then 10-15 a game as the back up whichever of Castleton or Johns is the senior starter at the 5 as a freshman, that’s basically ideal, like if Johns or Castleton had been a 2017 recruit we’d have a clear backup 5 now instead of a mishmash of Livers playing undersized as our best option and Johns too raw and Davis not really playing well.




Been reading some articles about the unc offer, from the sound of it I’ll be surprised if Kessler doesn’t reclass to 2019.


Ugh I hate losing this one he could’ve been the best big man prospect Michigan has ever recruited under Beilein in my opinion. But is it officially time to give this one up? Feels that way.


I believe Kentucky is sniffing around as well and they are in desperate need of a 2019 big (according to the recruiting experts).


With apologies for not doing the legwork myself in the articles you’re reading, but I saw elsewhere that the UNC offer was 2020 only. Is that not true, or do you think he’s not actually considering Carolina?


Supposedly, Michigan was down to watch Kessler yesterday. Well, he delivered,
21 points
6 assists
15 rebounds
10 blocks.

Not a bad day at the office there.



According to Sam, Coach Haynes was down for the game.