2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)


Respectfully, I would imagine any elite prospect is probably a huge college basketball fan, in which case I would venture to think has heard about Christian Laettner, who is arguably the most “successful” college basketball player ever.


I’m surprised he’s taking officials so early with his decision timeframe still 10-11 months out.


The new NCAA rules allow multiple official visit windows, so it is not a big deal really.


My bad, I forgot about the rule change. Thank you.


Duke’s success rate is impressive, but it is still true that most of the players Duke offers go elsewhere, particularly if they are not in the top 5. We’ll see first if Kessler is a guy that Duke really goes after.

That said, with the Duke offer, the Georgia connections, etc., I would think the staff isn’t counting on Kessler committing.


Christian Laettner has nothing to do with any recruit that goes to Duke


I agree. FWIW, I am pretty sure every kid I know that plays basketball (and many that do not) and that are also in the middle school/ high school age range know about CL. Espn’s special on Laetner was popular…

It is a mystery why kids pick one school over another. It is not a mystery to the kids though, and they have their reasons as misguided as they might be… A desire to be the next Christian Laetner type player at Duke might seem odd to many but you never know…


I would think that is indeed the case.


The point with any of these recruiting threads isn’t the actual logic behind these debates (pros, offensive style, whatever) in recruiting, it is just about what resonates with an individual kid. Sometimes “I coach LeBron with USA Basketball” is most effective, who knows.


I agree with you but think this kid might be different since his dad and uncle played college ball. I bet there are plenty of stories


If you’re duke you also have: all
The best players come here, just like you. This is Zion, he’ll be your host this weekend. It’s such a powerful brand. Plus Durham is Waaaaaaay closer to home than Ann Arbor. Reading this all I can think about is Luke Kennard’s recruiting outcome.

Im sure our staff will make good decisions, but I personally will be surprised if he comes and plays for UofM.


You’re right, and obviously it’s a huge upset to beat Duke for a recruit. That said, public perception of our program has shifted meaningfully since Kennard’s recruitment. Even Battle’s dad said they chose Syracuse because it was a more big time program. While I actually doubt that was the impetus AND may not have even been fair at the time, it’s definitive now that nobody can say that with a straight face at this point.


We’ll see.

For a time, there was a perception that Michigan’s 2013 season was a “fluke.”

Last year, we reached the title game for a second time under JB, and this year we’re currently ranked #2. I doubt Kessler commitments anywhere before the NCAA tournament is played this year. So, if we were to again have a better tournament than Duke - entirely possible - that could certainly help us.

The fact that he comes from a family of former college and pro players should only help. We seem to do well with those type of kids.

I’m not saying we will get him, or that Duke shouldn’t be considered the favorite after they offered, but I think we have a solid chance in this one.


This is a good articulation of what I said above…and I would add to it that the train of guys we’ve sent to the NBA is meaningfully longer as well.


I have a great suspicion that Duke isn’t playing the recruiting game as clean as Michigan is so I never like our chances, even a little bit, in a head to head with them.


More on Kessler from Rivals




Midseason Walker Kessler highlights.


Rivals’ Corey Evans’ take on Kessler’s recruitment from earlier today:

Will Walker Kessler be Tony Bennett’s first 5 star?

I am going to say no, but Virginia is much more in the hunt for Walker Kessler than many believe. Duke just offered the top 10 center, and the masses quickly assumed that he is Durham-bound. He definitely could be in the long run, but Kessler has remained rather patient with the recruiting process. Georgia was the team to beat prior to his breakout toward the end of last summer, thanks to the Bulldogs’ proximity to him and his family ties to the school. First-year head coach Tom Crean has also done a great job of making Kessler a priority recruit.

However, the Wahoos have really impressed the big man, as have Michigan, UNC and Vanderbilt, programs that should have a major say when the time comes for Kessler to commit. I might not be ready to say that he will be a Cavalier, but things certainly remain fluid.


Scout is saying Walter is considering re-classifying to 2019. This talk prior to a visit to Duke. I feel this one might be slipping.