2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)


FWIW Andy McDonald on rivals whose the southeast b-ball recruiting guy has said on the uga board that he thinks this one will be tough for uga. In his opinion uga trails um, uva, and Vanderbilt.


I really like our chances here. Particularly if teske keeps this up, than walker has to see what Michigan could do for him. He would be a perfect fit.


Regarding Kessler? That’s good news but there’s a long time until he likely commits. I imagine blue bloods will get involved soon.


If it comes down to those three schools, I like our chances.


After Vandy’s last cla$$ you can never be too confident…


Yes and they are much closer to home for him.


We did beat them for Iggy though. And it seems we got the best one :slight_smile:


Kessler doesn’t really fit the profile of a recruit who would ask for, or be offered, money.


Garland and shittu are sick. I feel bad garland went down, they were my sleeper team.


I’m a little conflicted about Vandy. That’s where I went to law school, so I root for them, but I don’t believe for a second they are getting those guys legitimately. And that’s a shame, because for a long time they were the Northwestern of the SEC - an elite academic school competing with cheaters (the SEC, not the Big Ten). I think the tide turned with James Franklin. And I was in Nashville a month ago - there is a TON of construction going on all over campus. Gotta pay for those new buildings somehow.


I find it amazing that people are able to complete law school while living in Nashville…then I talk to someone who lives there and they say, like Vegas, the locals kind of stay away from Broadway. Every time Nashville is a first round site I hope Michigan lands there!


Well, I graduated in 1998, it wasn’t the same back then. Still a fun place, but it’s remarkably different today. (This was the first time I’d been back). A group of us did, in fact, hit up some places on Broadway last month when I was there. What a crazy scene that is now.

When I was in law school, I never really gave any serious consideration to living there after I was done. Now? I’d think hard about it.


Really? When did Broadway become the tourist spot it is now? I just assumed it had always been like that. If you like live music the only other place really comparable for night life is Austin, TX.


It’s always been a great place for live music, it’s just much bigger and more happening than it was 20 years ago.

Not unlike the Vegas strip, for example - always a fun and happening place, but far different and more expansive than it was 20 years ago.


Absolutely. Simi played with Ignas for CIA Bounce in AAU. Watched them play. Simi is amazing. Michigan was in the running for him but I think some shady stuff went down and that is why we didn’t get him in the end. Rumors I’ve heard at least.




Good luck at Duke, Walker


We’ll see. I could be overlooking someone but I can’t recall the last stretch 4/5 they put into the NBA. Wilson and Wagner are a nice blueprint for Kessler, and Teske might be the next one.


Marvin Bagley, 2nd pick in the 2018 NBA draft.