2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)


When is Kessler visiting?


Seems pretty evident to me that Kessler is a top priority for Michigan still. This tweet was from this morning. Already apparently has an official visit setup sometime before New Year’s it seems.


I haven’t seen this video of Kessler from the NBPA camp in june. If I recall I think I read he did pretty well there though. There isn’t a lot of film on Kessler. Especially recent. So seeing this has me even more excited about him. A set shot but a real nice release. Looks comfortable shooting pull up 3s if he is in rhythm. Moves really well. Both the weak hand finishes impressed me a ton because of how fluid he moved when doing both finishes.


Visiting in November


Michigan: “I love Coach (John) Beilein and their style of play. Moe Wagner is very similar to my style of play. Coach Beilein has told me I can be a lot like him. Coach Beilein doesn’t really have that southern hospitality. He just gives it to you straight and I like that a lot.”

Hopefully he visits next weekend for the PSU game so they can show him a fun atmosphere and maybe even check out the exhibition game on Friday night.



Great news with the PSU game.


Interesting that Chris Webber will be the honorary captain this weekend.


Can’t find Kessler’s twitter but saw this. I expected it, but it’s still big news nonetheless, if true.


The atmosphere was electric and it resonated with the (football) recruits. I’d imagine any basketball recruits in attendance had a good time, too.



What’s up with Twitter from tomorrow? Nov 6? This from somewhere in Europe?


Something with how the forum translates dates. Never got to the bottom of it. I’ll try to look again.



I’d love either but is it just me or does anyone else prefer Dickinson?


I wonder if we prioritized 7-0 Zach Loveday from Ohio who is in the same signing class and lives in the Big Ten footprint, whether we would have a better opportunity to sign him ?


Dickinson is much closer to a Jon Teske whereas Kessler is to a Moe Wagner. Just depends on your preference I guess. I prefer Kessler because of his mobility and skill but Dickinson is a monster in the paint.


Here’s a new article from Sam Webb on Walker Kessler. The article includes a video interview with Kessler from before his Michigan visit (late October it sounds like).

He comes off as a bright kid. Playing style seems to genuinely be important to him, which certainly helps us. He also says that academics are important, which his visits and planned visits to date give credence to (Michigan, Vanderbilt, and Virginia). He said that distance doesn’t matter to him . . . “as of now,” which he actually said twice. Not sure how to take that. He said his parents would prefer that he stay close to home.

He wants to commit before his senior year, so less than a year from now. He currently (or as of a month ago) plans to take all 5 official visits next year.

Personally, I believe him when he says that he doesn’t feel obligated to go Georgia, and he says that his family just wants what’s best for him. It doesn’t sound like lip service to me.

I know some here are down on our chances due to his Georgia connections, but I think we have a real shot. We’re too perfect a fit not to. I wonder if Sam Webb feels the same way given his coverage of Kessler.

2020 Recruiting Notes

After I said that I went and watched Dickinson again and came away not as impressed as the first time. Kessler has more potential it seems.


Couldn’t have a more positive interview. And we need a big in that class.