2020 - Big - Walker Kessler (Offer)

Beilein watched last night.

“It’s going really well,” Kessler said. “I’m hearing from a lot of schools that I want to hear from. The newer ones, Duke just contacted me yesterday. They’re not going to offer me right now or anything, they just said they will be watching my game and hope to see the best for me and see how it goes. Michigan is recruiting me. Virginia just offered, I’m pretty excited about. Obviously, Georgia, Vandy and a lot of SEC schools. Xavier, Stanford offers. Right now, I’m not eliminating anything.”

“Love that school,” Kessler said. “Mo Wagner, that’s a player like me. Tall and he’s not just a banger down low. He can do things, he can dribble the ball and shoot. I like that.”

Im down with accumulating unicorns, with Moe as the blueprint. Hopefully CC keeps the model rolling.

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One thing that is kind of funny is that in the era of Kevin Pittsnoggle it was weird to use your big man as a stretch five. No one wanted to be used like that.

As the NBA transforms, more and more players want to be used on the perimeter. Funny how the game changes.

Just posted video to his profile from the adidas circuit. I love how he cuts and moves. He can knock down the jump shot, but his feel for the game is impressive for a young big.


Sounds like we’re a legit option at this point too. Show him alllllll the Wagner film.


Maybe I’m missing something, but I see a lot of that stuff around the basket as pretty soft and not falling when he’s being guarded by a Big Ten big.

He’s a 2020 kid. He has two more years of high school and a lot of development left before college.


This is the 5 I want in 2020. Great footwork and touch for a young kid. Does remind me a lot of Wagner. Plus all his family went to Georgia and it would be nice to steal him from Crean.


Tennessee is the latest to offer 2020 five-star Walker Kessler according to EPI Training.

Along with Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Navy, Stanford, Vanderbilt and Virginia were also on campus at Fairburn (Ga.) Woodward Academy to visit Kessler today.

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7 feet you say??

I’ll take him or Hunter Dickinson please.

So how do Kessler and Dickinson compare and which one sounds the most interested in us? I haven’t seen that much film on Dickinson to form an impression. If I could only pick one, I say go with whoever has a better outside shot (which I’m suspecting is Kessler at this point). Obviously would be happy with either though.

Some video and thoughts on both five-star big men here.

Does Kessler have a visit setup to Michigan yet? Personally I’d love to have him over any other big man. He’s got a lot of skill and size. It will be tough to get him out of the SEC but he’s worth a shot. I’d say Hunter Dickinson as of now seems a bit more attainable. He’s a bit more like Jon Teske style wise than a Moe Wagner. But he’s like 7’2, has a elite low post game, and knows how to be a star without having to score. He was a key player for Team Takeover this year, am EYBL team that could go down as one of the best AAU teams ever.

Sidenote: For this weekend’s game it seems that few, if any in state D1 prospects are visiting for the Michigan vs. Wisconsin game as of right now. I find that surprising even though we aren’t searching for a ton of prospects in 2020 and 2021/22 is down the road a ways. It’s a good opportunity to get kids to see the campus and be impressed by everything and even if we aren’t searching for many 2020s, it would be a good chance to stay high on player’s lists if we end up needing or wanting one of those guys. I’ll keep talking to in state guys to see if any are visiting this weekend but as of now, none of the top 2020s are visiting. I’ll check with the top 2021 and 2022s

One last thing: I’d love for Michigan to go all out for 2021 Max Christie out of Illinois. He’s already got most the BIG to offer him and he’s a 6’5 Guard. He supposedly killed it at the USA camp last weekend and he’s a great shooter. I heard Michigan was showing interest in him awhile ago but I haven’t heard much since the summer on him. I’m guessing Yaklich and Haynes are on him since they coached at Illinois State.


Dickerson would be #1 kid in the class if the rankings came out 10 years ago. 7 footers with skill level around the basket don’t grow on trees. His biggest issue is lack of foot speed. There is a video of him defending RJ Hampton at the USA camp and Hampton (who is a stellar athlete) made him look like he was completely standing still.

Between Dickerson and Kessler, I’d much rather have Kessler. He’s a big time stud. A lot of family ties to Georgia.

I think we have a better shot with kessler, he just strikes me as um type and speaks very highly of um. I have seen some interviews where Dickerson seems infatuated with the blue bloods and is basically waiting for them to come after him hard. Dematha is also an acc and big east stronghold.

Agree with both you and @hoops4hire . I think Kessler is slightly more obtainable and he’s a better player/fit for Michigan. But if Dickinson was going into college 10+ years ago, he’d be a top 5 player in many classes. I do believe both are blue blood caliber players. So hopefully we can land one of them. I’d prefer Kessler but wouldn’t complain at all if we somehow landed Dickinson. Kessler has such huge ties to Georgia though I struggle seeing him leave the state unless it’s for a Blueblood.


Awesome! Glad he’s making it up for a visit!