2020 - Big - Mark Williams (Target)

I certainly could see Kessler playing the 4 @ Duke. The seem to have big 4’s often

… that’s just being greedy.

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I don’t think it would be a dealbreaker for two reasons… I’m not sure they have many (any?) other bigs on the roster and Kessler definitely would be being sold on playing the four at Duke.

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Yep they talked up WCJ and Bagley as the example. Duke usually runs with multiple players who could play C since they mostly plan to out-talent you.

Yeah I can definitely see how Kessler would be sold on playing the 4. We all know bigger players love being told they can play perimeter. He can certainly shoot well enough to play on the outside. But Bagley and Carter were way more athletic and nimble on their feet to be able to guard opposing 4s and actually move on the perimeter offensively.

I realize that in recruiting there isn’t always logic involved though! You say whatever you need to in order to get players to come to your school. My guess is if both committed to Duke, Kessler would start at the 5 and Williams would come off the bench until whenever Kessler leaves.

Even if they both play the five, unlikely that either plays more than 30 minutes so there is still time available. Kessler playing 20 mins at the 5 and 10 at the 4 and Williams playing 20 mins at the 5, for example.

Dylan, we need a big … don’t give any more credence to this Duke heresy than absolutely necessary.


Ha, well Michigan certainly can pitch plenty of opportunity too. I’m just trying to explain to you guys that these two recruitments are not an either/or situation. Honestly, they probably aren’t for Michigan either, all things considered.

Ha the recruits should view it as an either or situation if they are smart though. No highly rated guy wants to come in to a situation where they are virtually guaranteed to only play 15-20 mins a game. Kessler is really good. I don’t see him sitting a lot. I also think no matter what Coach K says, his best position is the 5 and I can’t see him getting much time at the 4. If Williams is ok getting limited minutes until Kessler leaves, then I can see why he’d do it though.