2020 - Big - Mark Williams (Target)

Mark Williams may also be a pretty good big man to land if Michigan misses on Kessler and Dickinson. Duke will likely only land one of the two between Kessler and Williams. He was phenomenal last night in the game versus Team WhyNot.


Based on the construction of some of Duke’s recent teams, would not shock me if they took Kessler and Williams

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Former Target https://twitter.com/jakeweingarten/status/1157788275626717186?s=21

Probably need to get another C on the board

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What a random list of schools

Geeze, who are we recruiting again? I am so confused. This is shock & awe JH style.

Well, I thought this was a rare one that Michigan didn’t make the cut, but here they are added to the final list after the fact.


Some highlights