2020 - Big - Isaiah Jackson (Target)

Do you think Juwan would offer?

No mention of Michigan by Isaiah’s dad.

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The fact that juwan hasn’t offered yet says it all

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he says juwan has not contacted him

wonder why juwan has not contacted him?

Dylan has mentioned there seems to be academic concerns


Still is interesting that he is visiting Michigan soon. Sounds to me like he has some people in his circle that are pushing Michigan on him. Because otherwise It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to give Michigan much, if any, attention if the head coach hasn’t contacted since he took the job. Also wouldn’t shock me if Jackson become more of a priority if/when some of the other main post targets commit elsewhere.

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Yeah that was interesting, one thing I am pretty convinced of is he isn’t going end up at MSU.

Isaiah Jackson has set up an OV to Kentucky. His first one I believe Probably safe to assume they are one of, if not the frontrunner. Especially if they offer.

Potentially good news for Ware’s recruitment?



Expects offer

Can’t get all the bigs, can they? Gotta improve our chances with Ware that they seem to be slowplaying him.

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So they’re the presumed leader there. I would assume Jackson takes Ware off their board.

They already have wings BJ Boston and Cam’Ron Fletcher. Also lead for Todd, Green, and Christopher I think.

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Kind of insane how delighted we’d be to grab their leftovers.

Meh, not leftovers. I would prefer to think of them as more deliberate young adults who were thoughtful in their decisions :wink: . They did offer them so it isnt like they are second class to the kids that are going to UK

When you think about it, everyone is living off UK and Duke’s leftovers.

Given the results, it’s enough to make you question at least a little bit the idea that Jimmys and Joes beat Xs and Os.

What teams have been more consistently elite than Duke/Kentucky over the last decade?

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