2020 - Big - Isaiah Jackson (Target)



Isaiah Jackson a 5 Star? Woah

2020 Recruiting Notes

Sophomore Highlights. Looks to be more of a 5 man at this point if he were to play for us. Lots of athleticism and shot blocking but might be a bit on the small side (6’7? 6’8? but could still grow a couple of inches). Pretty skinny but could become a monster when he fills out. Don’t know much about his perimeter game, they showed 4 of them at the 3:30 mark. Hopefully those weren’t the only ones he made all year haha.

2020 Recruiting Notes


Ok. I don’t mind that middle picture of dipo bringing the “payne” on MSU.


Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisville he apparently mentioned as programs recruiting him the hardest. Not true yet but I heard Jackson visited Spire, a prep school in Ohio a few weeks ago. Not sure if he will be at Old Redford, Spire or somewhere else come the season. Spire’s new Head Coach is Jermaine Jackson, a former assistant at Detroit the past few seasons.

Jackson is a dream target to me. He’s a bit undersized for a post, but he’s so elite defensively, and has the tools to potentially be a monster offensively. A kid like him could become a beast under Beilein (and hopefully Yaklich although I doubt he will still be at Michigan by then).


As @BP3 hinted at…


For a second I thought that he was cutting his list and I was scared cause I didn’t see our logo.


Still probably not positive for Michigan if our logo isn’t there. Not a big deal. Interesting that MSU isn’t there either


It is a list of offers.



They probably want him to change the graphic now.