2020 - Big - Isaiah Jackson (Target)


Isaiah Jackson a 5 Star? Woah

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2020 Recruiting Notes

Sophomore Highlights. Looks to be more of a 5 man at this point if he were to play for us. Lots of athleticism and shot blocking but might be a bit on the small side (6’7? 6’8? but could still grow a couple of inches). Pretty skinny but could become a monster when he fills out. Don’t know much about his perimeter game, they showed 4 of them at the 3:30 mark. Hopefully those weren’t the only ones he made all year haha.

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2020 Recruiting Notes

Ok. I don’t mind that middle picture of dipo bringing the “payne” on MSU.

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Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisville he apparently mentioned as programs recruiting him the hardest. Not true yet but I heard Jackson visited Spire, a prep school in Ohio a few weeks ago. Not sure if he will be at Old Redford, Spire or somewhere else come the season. Spire’s new Head Coach is Jermaine Jackson, a former assistant at Detroit the past few seasons.

Jackson is a dream target to me. He’s a bit undersized for a post, but he’s so elite defensively, and has the tools to potentially be a monster offensively. A kid like him could become a beast under Beilein (and hopefully Yaklich although I doubt he will still be at Michigan by then).


As @BP3 hinted at…

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For a second I thought that he was cutting his list and I was scared cause I didn’t see our logo.

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Still probably not positive for Michigan if our logo isn’t there. Not a big deal. Interesting that MSU isn’t there either


It is a list of offers.


They probably want him to change the graphic now.


Seems that Michigan is still on Jackson pretty hard.


Interesting, it had seemed like maybe Michigan had stopped recruiting him.


Triple double from Jackson last night.


What an impressive athlete he is. Gets off the ground unbelievably quick. That play when Watts threw it off the backboard and Jackson got it back and dunked it was ridiculous.

Actually saw Jackson on Minnesota’s campus today. He was with his team touring the new athletic facilities at Minnesota (my wife is the cross country coach there).


That’s awesome! I’d love for Michigan to land Jackson but we will see if it’s even realistic. Hopefully he gets on campus again soon.


No mention of Michigan but Bossi only listed the colleges that have offered him and we know Michigan still is likely recruiting him since Beilein and an assistant (likely Saddi) we’re at Spire as recently as last month.


Isaiah Jackson transferring to Waterford Mott.