2020 - Big - Hunter Dickinson (Target)


Using an OV at Notre Dame with the new rules.


While he’s there he might as well check out a football game (that hopefully goes in our favor)!


LOL this was the first thing I thought of too! I’d have to imagine there’s a good chance he’ll be there. Go Blue!


No mention of Michigan in this article.


It’s got to be hard if not impossible to pull a Dematha kid away from the East coast. They are basketball royalty. Lots of connections and history with major programs.


Notre Dame does a great job with Dematha kids. I believe Brey is an alum and/or was an assistant there before he went to Duke.


Wasn’t Oladipo a Dematha kid?


it mentioned that in the article too. So I wonder if the staff have mostly moved on from him and maybe put a little more emphasis on the local Isaiah Jackson maybe. He almost feels like a pipe dream too because of how close he and Watts are.


Yep. Dematha kids have gone all to a lot of places all over the midwest and east coast. I just don’t believe many venture out to the west coast.


For DC area folks. DeMatha is hosting a tournament this weekend. High level comp: IMG Academy, Montverde and Sunrise Christian. Wouldn’t be surprised if Michigan represents.


No mention of Michigan even showing interest. I feel like it’s about time we move on from thinking Michigan is even pursuing him anymore.

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